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The 16th report, 1897 contains also the 1st annual report of the State Board of Medical Registration and Examination, 1897.


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Page 42 - Anything which is injurious to health, or is indecent, or offensive to the senses, or an obstruction to the free use of property, so as to interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of life or property...
Page 265 - Among these no proposition is now more firmly settled than that it is one of the fundamental rights and privileges of every American citizen to adopt and follow such lawful industrial pursuit, not injurious to the community, as he may see fit.
Page 249 - The object of disinfection is to prevent the extension of infectious diseases by destroying the specific infectious material which gives rise to them. This is accomplished by the use of disinfectants. There can be no partial disinfection of such material ; either its infecting power is destroyed or it is not. In the latter case there is a failure to disinfect.
Page 47 - There are three essential factors to the prevalence of cholera in this country as an epidemic— (1) the importation of the disease by means of ships more or less directly from its only place of origin in India ; (2) local unsanitary conditions favorable to the reception and development of the disease ; (3) persons sick with the disease in some of its stages, or things infected by such sick persons, to carry it from place to place. These three factors naturally suggest the methods of combating the...
Page 252 - Solution, diluted with twenty parts of water, will be more suitable than the stronger solution above recommended. In all infectious diseases the surface of the body of the dead should be thoroughly washed with one of the standard solutions above recommended, and then enveloped in a sheet saturated with the same.
Page 250 - ... diseases as well as of severe and fatal cases. It is probable that epidemic dysentery, tuberculosis, and perhaps diphtheria, yellow fever, scarlet fever and typhus fever may also be transmitted by means of the alvine discharges of the sick. It is therefore of the first importance that these should be disinfected.
Page 250 - The injurious consequences which are likely to result from such misapprehension and misuse of the word disinfectant will be appreciated •when it is known that recent researches have demonstrated that many of the agents which have been found useful as deodorizers, or as antiseptics, are entirely without value for the destruction of disease germs.
Page 48 - ... constituted authority in this country ; to give notice of the departure of any vessel known or suspected to be infected for any port in the United States ; and, whenever requested by the master of any vessel about to load or leave for this country, to inspect thoroughly such vessel in all her parts, and also her cargo, her crew and passengers, to use such cleansing and disinfection as he may deem necessary, and to satisfy himself that all persons about to sail are free from dangerous communicable...
Page 252 - Clothing. Boiling for half an hour will destroy the vitality of all known disease germs, and there is no better way of disinfecting clothing or bedding which can be washed than to put it through the ordinary operations of the laundry. No delay should occur, however, between the time of removing soiled clothing from the person or bed of the sick and its immersion in boiling water, or in one of the following solutions ; and no article should be permitted to leave the infected room until so treated.
Page 266 - The liberty mentioned in that amendment means not only the right of the citizen to be free from the mere physical restraint of his person, as by incarceration, but the term is deemed to embrace the right of the citizen to be free in the enjoyment of all his faculties; to be free to use them in all lawful ways ; to live and work where he will ; to earn his livelihood by any lawful calling ; to pursue any livelihood or avocation, and for that purpose to enter into all contracts which may be proper,...

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