The Tyranny

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W. Heinemann, 1907 - 275 pages

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Page 34 - Keep upon the square, for God sees you; therefore do your duty; and be sure you see with your own eyes, and hear with your own ears. Entertain no...
Page 212 - Then said Mr. Implacable, Might I have all the world given me, I could not be reconciled to him; therefore let us forthwith bring him in guilty of death. And so they did. Therefore he was presently condemned to be had from the place where he was to the place from whence he came, and there to be put to the most cruel death that could be invented.
Page 61 - ... specification of educational objectives in behavioral terms. And let me suggest that responsible specificationists acknowledge their inability to deal with will-do behaviors and are simply saying to educators something like the following: "I will accept, in the absence of any contradictory evidence, that you know what you are talking about when you say that studying literature and art makes a person somehow better. But what you do in your classroom is to expose students to certain experiences...
Page 144 - It's very kind of you to take so much trouble for us.

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