Chemical News and Journal of Industrial Science, Volumes 21-22

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Chemical news office, 1870


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Page 48 - Ganot's Elementary Treatise on Physics, Experimental and Applied, for the use of Colleges and Schools. Translated and edited by E. ATKINSON, FCS Seventh Edition, with 4 Coloured Plates and 758 Woodcuts. Post 8vo. 15.?.
Page 164 - ... the oxidation of the organic matter in sewage proceeds with extreme slowness, even when the sewage is mixed with a large volume of unpolluted water, and that it is impossible to say how far such water must flow before the sewage matter becomes thoroughly oxidised.
Page 32 - A university is not closely concerned with the applications of knowledge, until its general education branches into professional. Poetry and philosophy and science do indeed conspire to promote the material welfare of mankind; but science no more than poetry finds its best warrant in its utility. Truth and right are above utility in all realms of thought and action.
Page 101 - ... its curvature, and at last disappeared. The space was then occupied by a homogeneous fluid, which exhibited, when the pressure was suddenly diminished or the temperature slightly lowered, a peculiar appearance of moving or flickering striae throughout its entire mass. At temperatures above 88°, no apparent liquefaction of carbonic acid or separation into two distinct forms of matter could be effected, even when- a pressure of 300 or 400 atmospheres was applied. Nitrous oxide gave analogous results...
Page 112 - In this process its volume will steadily diminish as the pressure augments, and no sudden diminution of volume, without the application of external pressure will occur at any stage of it. When the full pressure has been applied, let the temperature be allowed to fall till the carbonic acid has reached the ordinary temperature of the atmosphere.
Page 271 - ... their having previously undergone fusion. " When the communication between the points positively and negatively electrified was made in air rarefied in the receiver of the airpump, the distance at which the discharge took place increased as the exhaustion was made, and when the atmosphere in the vessel supported only one-fourth of an inch of mercury in the barometrical gauge, the...
Page 32 - University would have scientific studies in school and college and professional school develop and discipline those powers of the mind by which science has been created and is daily nourished — the powers of observation, the inductive faculty, the sober imagination, the sincere and proportionate judgment.
Page 151 - Galileo. — THE PRIVATE LIFE OF GALILEO. Compiled principally from his Correspondence and that of his eldest daughter, Sister Maria Celeste, Nun in the Franciscan Convent of S.
Page 112 - ... the process would lead to the conjecture that liquefaction had actually taken place, although optical tests carefully applied failed at any time to discover the presence of a liquid in contact with a gas. But against this view it may be urged with great force, that the fact of additional pressure being always required for a further diminution of volume, is opposed to the known laws which hold in the change of bodies from the gaseous to the liquid state. Besides, the higher the temperature at...
Page 161 - ... of ordinary light. I have spoken to you also, I think, of the argument deducible from the contact electricity of metals. This, I now find, proves a limit to the dimensions of the molecules in metals quite corresponding to that established for transparent solids and liquids by the dynamics of dispersion. In experiments made about ten years ago, of which a slight sketch is published...

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