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tants general, inspectors general, quartermasters
general, deputy quartermasters general, topo-
graphical engineers, and assistant deputy quar-
termasters general, from the line or not, as the
President may deem expedient, ib.; officers
transferred from the line to the staff to receive
only the pay, &c. attached to the rank in the
staff, ib.; transfer not to prejudice their rank,
ib.; promotion to proceed as if transfer had not
taken place, ib.; Secretary of War to prepare
general regulations defining and prescribing the
respective duties and powers of the officers of
the staff, s. v. 425; to be approved by the Presi-
dent, respected, and obeyed, ib., and to be laid
before Congress, ib.; assistant deputy commis-
saries of ordnance not to exceed sixteen, s. vi.
425; entitled to brevet rank, pay, &c. of a first
lieutenant of infantry, ib.; a physician and sur-
geon general to be appointed, s. vii. 426; with
an annual salary of $2,500, ib; and an apothe
cary general, ib.; with an annual salary of
$1,800, ib., their duties and powers to be pre-
scribed by the President, ib.; forage, waggon,
and barrackmasters to be appointed as hereto-
fore, s. viii. 426; each quartermaster general,
attached to any separate army, command, or
district, may, with the approbation of the Secre-
tary of War, appoint as many forage, waggon,
and barrackmasters, and employ as many artifi-
cers, mechanics, and laborers, as the public ser-
vice may require, ib.; the President may ap
point assistant deputy quartermasters 'general,
s. ix. 426; and transfer officers from the line to
the staff, ib.; all other new appointments autho-
rised by the act of March 3d, 1813, for the bet-
ter organization of the general staff, to be made
by the President and Senate, except in the re-
cess of the Senate, ib.; every act within the
purview of the act of March 3, 1813, for the
better organization of the general staff, repealed,
s. x. 426; letters and packets to and from the
adjutant and inspector general, adjutants gene,


ral, inspectors general, quartermasters general,
commissary general of ordnance, physician and
surgeon general, and apothecary general, relat-
ing to their official duties, to be free of postage,
s. xii. 427; President authorised to appoint any
of the additional number of general officers au-
thorised by the act of the 25th February, 1813,
during the recess of the Senate, s. xii. 427;
those officers not entitled to pay or emolument
till called into actual service, ib.; nor for a
longer time than they continue therein, ib.
ARMSTRONG, JOHN, payment of bills drawn by
him suspended, ch. CXXVI

296, 297.

ARTIFICERS, a corps to be attached to the quarter-
master general's department, and sub-
ject to the orders of the officers thereof,
ch. LIX s. i. 113; the corps to consist
of 1 superintendent, 4 assistants, 2 mas-
ter masons, 2 master carpenters, 2 mas-
ter blacksmiths, 2 master boat builders,
2 master armorers, 2 master saddle
and harness makers, 20 house carpen
ters, 5 ship carpenters, 20 blacksmiths,
16 boat builders, 16 armorers, 12 sad-
dle and harness makers, and 24 laborers,
ib.; to be selected from the privates of
the army, by the general, or engaged
from among the citizens, by the super-
intendent, ib.; pay of the superinten-
dent, assistants, &c. s. ii. ib.; superin
tendent to make a monthly report to the
quartermaster general, and to make out
the payroll on oath, s. ii. 113, 114; the
corps to be engaged for three years, s.
iv. 114; appropriation to defray the ex-
penses of the institution, s. v. 114. See

ARTILLERY. See army.

ATTWATER, REUBEN, to be paid $ 500 additional
allowance as secretary of
Michigan and commission-
er of land claims, ch


BAINBRIDGE, Captain, officers and crew. See Con-
stitution. Resolutions.

BAIL, and affidavits. See courts.

BANKS, the tenth section of an act to incorporate the
subscribers to the bank of the United States,
repealed, ch. XLIII s. i. 76, 77. See Columbia.
BARBARY POWERS, the first section of an


further to protect the com-
merce and seamen of the
United States against them,
continued till March 4th,
1813, ch. XVIII s. i. 28,
29. The first section of
the same act further continued
till the 1st of April, 1814,
ch. CLXXXII 399, 400.

BEALL, WILLIAM D. allowed the pay and emolu-

ments of adjutant and inspec-

tor of the army for a certain
time, ch. CV 230.

BENTON, SELAH, to be placed on the pension list,

and allowed $20 per month,

from the 1st July, 1811, ch.
XXVIII s. i. 44, 45.

BIBLE SOCIETY, of Philadelphia, the duties remitted
on certain stereotype plates import-

ed by it, ch. CLIX 361, 362.

BINNION, JOHN, permitted to withdraw his en
tries in the land-office of Madison
county, Mississippi, ch. CLVIII
360, 361,

BOUNTY. See army, volunteers, &c.

BURNHAM, JOHN, to be paid $ 126 72 cents, with

interest thereon from 30th May,
1796, in addition to the sum
allowed him by the act of that
date, reimbursement of the mo
ney advanced by him for his
ransom from the Algerines, ch.
XIII 15, 16.


CAPITOL, the roof to be repaired, ch. CXCVIII s. ii.
433. See appropriations.

CHACHERIE, LEWIS, to be paid $1,400 as transla-
tor of French and Spanish,

ch. CXCI 420, 421.

COLUMBIA, District of, Trustees of the Lancaster
School of Georgetown incorporated, ch.
XLIV s. i. 77; property vested in and
confirmed to them, s. ii. 77, 78; powers
of the corporation, ib, may sue and be
sued, s. iii. 78, 79; may make a common
seal, appoint officers and establish bye-
laws, s. iv. 79; five trustees a quorum to
do business, ib., election for trustees to
be held on the second Monday in Febru-
ary annually, s. v. 79; trustees to be 12
in number, s. v. 80; entries of proceed-
ings, and accounts to be kept, and laid
before the society at every annual meet-
ing previous to taking the votes, s. vi. 80;
children may be bound to the corpora-
tion, s. vii. 80.-Charter f the City of
Washington LXXV s. i. 144;
corporation composed, from the first
Monday of June, 1812, of a mayor, a
board of aldermen, and a board of com-
mon council, b.; to be elected by ballot,
ibs constitution of the two boards, s. i.

COLUMBIA, District of,-

144, 145; qualifications of the elected
and electors, s. ii. 145; mayor to be elect-
ed on the second Monday in June annu-
ally by ballot of both boards in joint
meeting, s. iii. 145, 146; a majority of
all the votes necessary to a choice, ib.,
upon an equality of votes between two
persons after the third ballot, the boards
to determine by lot, ib.; oath and duties
of the mayor, ib.; who shall be elegible
to the office of mayor, s. iii. 147; in case
of vacancy the two boards to elect ano.
ther, ib.; members of the boards of al-
dermen and common council to be elect-
ed on the first Monday in June annually,
s. iv. 147; elections to be held by com-
missioners, ib.; their duties, s. iv. 147,
148, 149; to take an oath, s. iv. 148; form
of it, ib.; each board to judge of the le-
gality of the elections, returns and quali-
fications of its own members, s. iv. 149;
and supply vacancies, ib.; members of
each board to take an oath, ib.; form of
it, ib.; the corporation empowered to lay
taxes, s. v. 149, 150; objects of expendi
ture of the taxes raised, ib.; poor rates to
be charged on each ward in proportion to
population or taxation, ib.; improvement
of streets, s. v. 150, 151; erection of
lamps, ib.; enumeration of the powers of
the corporation, s. vi. 151, 152, 153; in
the case of lotteries the President's ap-
probation necessary, ib.; persons com-
mitted to be kept by the marshal within
the jail for Washington county at the ex-
pense of the City, s. vii. 154; clerk of the
circuit court for Washington county to
issue capias ad satisfaciendum upon a re
turn of nulla bona, ib.; sale of lots for
payment of taxes, s. viii. 154; notice of
sale, ib.; title to lots thus sold, s. viii.
155; corporation styled "The mayor, al-

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