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SECRETARY of the Treasury. See appropriation,
lands, &c. &c.

-Of War to have a controlling direction.
over the commissary general's and quar-
termaster general's departments, &c. ch.
CXC s. v. 418. See army, &c. &c.
Of the Navy. See navy, &c. &c.

SENATE, the President pro tempore thereof, when the
office of Vice President is vacant, to receive
the same pay as the Speaker of the House of
Representatives, ch. CXXVII 298.

SHATTUCK, JARED, to be paid $33,864 55 cents,

STAFF. See army.

together with interest at 6 per
cent. on $25,517 44 cents, from
the 3d of March, 1806. ch.
CLXI 364.

STEAM BOATS, owned by aliens, to be enrolled, li-
censed, &c. che XL s. i. ii. 71, 72.
STOCK, created under the act of 10th November, 1803,
transferrable as other stock, &c. CXV 267.
Books to be opened at the Treasury and by the
commissioners of loans for subscriptions to the
old six per cent, stock, ch. CXXXV s. i. 309;
subscription, how effected, s. i. 309, 310; terms
of subscription, &c. s. ii. 310; funds pledged for
redemption of principal and interest, s. iii. 311;
rights of creditors not subscribing not impaired,
s. iv. 311, 312.

STOUT, JOHN M. to be allowed $87 15 cents for
subsisting Archibald Hamilton, &c.

ch. LXXXIX 192, 193.


credits to be allowed them,
ch. XCI 191.

SUPERINTENDENT general of military supplies to be

appointed, ch. CXC s. ii. 416; the
3d section of the act to provide
for erecting and repairing arse-
nals, magazines, &c. passed on
the 2d of April, 1794, repealed,
s. i. 415; to reside at the seat of

SUPERINTENDENT general of mutary supplies-

government and receive $3,000
annual salary, s. ii. 416; his
duties prescribed, s. ii. 416, 417;
the commissary general of pur-
chases, and all officers or other
persons entrusted with stores
or supplies for the army, &c. to
rendes quarterly accounts to the
superintendent, s. iii. 417; spe-
cie accounts as heretofore, to
be rendered to the accountant
of the War Department, ib.;
quarterly accounts to be render-
ed to the accountant of the War
Department, s. iv. 417, 418; su-
perintendent and accountant to
settle the quarterly accounts
within three months from the
time of rendering them, ib.; su.
perintendent may be appointed
by the President in the recess of
the Senate, s. vi. 418, 419; super-
intendent may employ clerks, s.
vii. 419; their annual compensa-
tion not to exceed $ 7,000, ib.


TERRITORIES, attornies and marshals to be appoint-
ed for them, ch. CLXXVII 391; their

pay, ib.

THOMPSON, JOHN, to be allowed amount of advan
ces and arrearages, ch. LXXXI


TRADE, with the enemy, by water, interdicted, ch.
CXXIX s. i. 299; penalty for trading, s. i. 299,
300; and also by land, s. ii. 300; penalties and
forfeitures, s. ii. 300, 301; collectors may seize
naval and military stores under this act, s. iii.
301; what vessels shall be admitted to entry, s.
iv. 301; British packets sailing prior to or on the
1st September, 1812, may enter and depart, s
v. 302; the act not to affect cartels and flags of

TRADE with the enemy,—

truce, ib.; the President may, for six months,
grant passports for any ship or other British
property, s. vi. 302; penalties for taking licen
ces to trade with the enemy, s. vii. 302, 303.
TREASURY NOTES, the President to cause not ex-
ceeding $5,000,000 to be issued,

ch. CXI s. i. 255; how to be
reimbursed, s. ii. 255; how to
be signed, s. iii. 255, 256; and
countersigned, ib.; Secretary of
the Treasury may pass the
notes in payment, with the Pre-
sident's approbation, s. iv. 256;
and borrow on them, ib.; the
notes transferrable by delivery
and assignment, s. v. 256; re-
ceivable in payment of duties
and taxes, s. vi. 256, 257; com-
putation of interest; ib.; regula-
tions respecting payments in
Treasury notes, s. vii. 237,
258; the notes to be reimbursed
by the commissioners of the
sinking fund, s. viii. 258; coun-
terfeiting the notes,&c. punisha-
ble, s. x. 259.-President to
cause Treasury notes not ex-
ceeding $5,000,000 to be issued
for the service of the year 1813,
ch. CLXIX s. i. 377; to cause to
be issued also other $5,000,000
in Treasury notes, as part of
the loan of $16,000,000, s. ii..
377; rate of interest, and notes
how reimbursed, s. iii. 377,
378; President to appoint per-
sons to sign them, s. iv. 378;
and countersign, ib.; compen-
sation to persons signing and
countersigning, ib.; the notes
may be given in payment, at
par, for supplies or debts due


from the United States, by the
Secretary of the Treasury, with
the President's approbation, s.
v. 378, 379; the notes may be
sold, or sums borrowed on
them, not under par, ib.; Secre-
tary of the Treasury may, with
the President's approbation, ap-
point agents for selling the
notes, s. vi. 379; commission
allowed therefor, ib.; notes how
transferrable, s. vii. 379; the
notes receivable in payment for
public dues and lands, s. viii.
379, 380; interest of notes al-
lowed up to the time of pay-
ment into the public Treasury,
&c. s. ix. 380, 381; commis-
sioners of the sinking fund to
reimburse and pay principal and
interest of notes at the proper
period, s. x. 381; funds pledged
for redemption of notes, s. x.
381, 382; duty of the Secretary
of the Treasury in relation
thereto, ib., forging or counter-
feiting notes made felony, s.
xii. 382, 383.


UPDIKE, DANIEL, to be discharged from imprison-
ment, ch. CLXXXIII 400, 401;

conditions of release, ib.


VACCINATION, President to appoint an agent to pre-
serve the genuine vaccine matter,
ch. CLXXIX s. i. 392; allowed the
privilege of franking, s. i. 393; form
of the oath to be taken by him, ib.; to
notify his residence to the postmas-


ters, and send them a copy of the
act, ib.; extent of the privilege of
franking, and method of exercising
it, s. ii. 393; subject to a fine of $50
for franking any letter not relating
to vaccination, s. ii. 393, 394; agent
removable, &c. at the discretion of
the President, ib.

VALENZIN, DAVID, appropriation of $2,665170 cents,
for the relief of his legal repre-
sentatives, ch. XXX s. i. 49.

VENEZUELA,-The President authorised to purchase
$50,000 worth of provisions for the re-
lief of the citizens of Venezuela who
have suffered by the earthquake. ch.
LXXIX 163.

VOLUNTEERS, not exceeding 50,000, may be accept-
ed by the President, either artillery,
cavalry, or infantry, ch. XXI s. i. 31,
32; to be clothed, and, in case of
cavalry, furnished with horses at their
own expense, ib.; to be armed and
equipped at the expense of the Unit-
ed States after being called into ser-
vice, ib.; commissioned officers to be
appointed as in the states and territories
to which they belong, ib.; when already
organized into companies, battalions,
&c. to continue to be commanded by
the officers acting at the time of tender
of service, and vacancies occurring to
be filled as provided by law in the
state or territory where originally
raised, ib.; liable to be called upon to
perform military service at the will of
the President within two years after
their tender of service has been ac-
cepted, s. ii. 32; liable to serve one
year after arriving at the place of
rendezvous, ib.; to be treated, when
in service, as regular troops, in all
respects, except as to bounty an

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