Bulletin of the John Rylands Library, Volume 1

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Manchester University Press, 1908

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Page 133 - Book of Common Prayer, & administration of the sacraments, & other rites & ceremonies of the church, according to the use of the Church of England ; together with the Psalter or Psalms of David, pointed as they are to be sung or said in churches
Page 4 - The Englishman's Hebrew and Chaldee concordance of the Old Testament: being an attempt at a verbal connection between the original and the English translation ; with indexes, a list of the proper names, and their occurrences, etc.
Page 153 - of commerce with those different nations. With a continuation : giving an account of the attempts of the Sieur de la Salle upon the mines of St. Barbe, &c. ; the taking of Quebec by the English ; with the advantages of a shorter cut to China and Japan. Both parts illustrated with maps and figures. . . . By L. Hennepin.
Page 449 - Pantographia ; containing accurate copies of all the known alphabets in the world ; together with an English explanation of the peculiar force or power of each letter. To which are added specimens of all well-authenticated oral languages, forming a comprehensive digest of phonology. By Edmund Fry. . . . London, 1799. 8vo,
Page 347 - Annals of Parisian typography, containing an account of the earliest typographical establishments of Paris, and notices and illustrations of the most remarkable productions of the Parisian Gothic press; compiled principally to shew its general character ; and its particular influence upon the early English press. By . . . William Parr
Page 439 - Miscellaneous papers and legal instruments under the hand and seal of William Shakspeare ; including the Tragedy of King Lear and a small fragment of Hamlet, from the original MSS. in the possession of Samuel Ireland
Page 211 - The first century of scandalous, malignant priests, made and admitted into benefices by the prelates, in whose hands the ordination of ministers and government of the Church hath been. Or, a narration of the causes for which the Parliament hath ordered the sequestration of the benefices of several! ministers complained of before them.
Page 115 - The patterne of painefull adventures : containing the most excellent, pleasant and variable historie of the strange accidents that befell unto Prince Apollonius, the Lady Lucina his wife, and Tharsia his daughter. Wherein the uncertaintie of this world, and the fickle state of mans life are lively described. Gathered into English by Laurence Twine.
Page 114 - The roots of the mountains wherein is told somewhat of the lives of the men of Burgdale, their friends, their neighbours, their foemen and their fellows in arms. By William Morris.
Page 408 - The diurnall occurrences, or dayly proceedings of both Houses, in this great and happy Parliament, from the third of November, 1640, to the third of November, 1641. With a continuation of all the speeches from June last, to the third of November, 1641. London, 1641. 4to,

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