Nature, Volume 35

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Sir Norman Lockyer
Macmillan Journals Limited, 1887

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Page 106 - And instead of this there is not a moment of any day of our lives when nature is not producing scene after scene, picture after picture, glory after glory, and working still upon such exquisite and constant principles of the most perfect beauty that it is quite certain it is all done for us and intended for our perpetual pleasure.
Page 179 - College, the Royal College of Physicians of London, the Royal College of Surgeons of England, and the...
Page 100 - The perpendicular is the shortest straight line that can be drawn from a given point to a given straight line ; and...
Page 305 - The competition is in no way confined to members of the Society, nor to residents in Australia, but is open to all without any restriction whatever, excepting that a prize will not be awarded to a member of the Council for the time being ; neither will an award be made for a mere compilation, however meritorious in its way — the communication to be successful must be either wholly or in part the result of original observation or research on the part of the contributor. The...
Page 269 - Newly translated from the Greek Text, with Supplementary Propositions, Chapters on Modern Geometry, and numerous Exercises.
Page 64 - For boarding a wreck, it is recommended to pour oil overboard to windward of her before going alongside. The...
Page 106 - God rather occupy it, who made these things, very good indeed, yet is He my good, not they. And these affect me, waking, the whole day, nor is any rest given me from them, as there is from musical, sometimes in silence, from all voices. For this queen of colours, the light, bathing all which we behold, wherever I am through the day, gliding by me in varied forms, soothes me when engaged on other things, and not observing it. And so strongly doth it entwine itself, that if it be suddenly withdrawn,...
Page 156 - The answers shall be examined as far as possible by both Examiners in the Section. 12. That the names of those persons who pass the Examination with credit shall be placed in three Classes, the names in each Class being arranged in alphabetical order.
Page 63 - In cold water, the oil being thickened by the lower temperature, and not being able to spread freely, will have its effect much reduced. This will vary with the description of oil used.
Page 64 - On a bar, with the ebb tide running, it would seem to be useless to try oil for the purpose of entering. 10. For boarding a wreck, it is recommended to pour oil overboard to windward of her before going alongside.

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