The Camp of Refuge

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C. Knight, 1844

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Page vii - Dreams, that the soul of youth engage Ere Fancy has been quelled ; Old legends of the monkish page, Traditions of the saint and sage, Tales that have the rime of age, And chronicles of Eld.
Page 33 - The heathen are sunk down in the pit that they made : in the net which they hid is their own foot taken.
Page 195 - And we command that Christian men be not, on any account, for altogether too little, condemned to death : but rather let gentle punishments be decreed, for the benefit of the people; and let not be destroyed for little God's handy-work, and his own purchase which he dearly bought.
Page 112 - ... and with elders, and also with various other trees, and with stones, and with many various delusions, with which men do much of what they should not.
Page 196 - Let those who are noble, and those who are not, equally obtain their rights, according to the laws, from which no deviation shall be allowed, either from fear of me, or through favour to the powerful, or for the purpose of supplying my treasury. I want no money raised by injustice.
Page 234 - Oh ! most noble and fair among women," said her Saxon advisers, "if thou wilt, thou canst restore the ancient honour of England, and be a pledge of reconciliation and friendship ; but if thou art obstinate in thy refusal, the enmity between the two races will be everlasting, and the shedding of human blood know no...
Page 17 - This bote, it appears from another document, was to be sevenfold ; because " sevenfold are the gifts of the Holy Ghost, and seven are the degrees of ecclesiastical states and holy orders, and seven times should God's servants praise God daily in church, and for all Christian people earnestly intercede.
Page 36 - ... mischief; Whereas the goodness of God : endureth yet daily? Thy tongue imagineth wickedness : and with lies thou cuttest like a sharp razor. Thou hast loved unrighteousness more than goodness : and to talk of lies more than righteousness. Thou hast loved to speak all words that may do hurt : O thou false tongue. Therefore shall God destroy thee for ever : he shall take thee, and pluck thee out of thy dwelling, and root thee out of the land of the living.
Page 196 - And thrice a year let there be a ' burh-gemot,' and twice a ' shire-gemot ;' under penalty of the ' wite,' as is right, unless there be need oftener. And let there be present the bishop of the shire and the ealdorman, and there let both expound as well the law of God as the secular law.
Page 188 - ... with the eagle swift to consume his prey; the greedy gos-hawk, and that grey beast the wolf of the weald. No slaughter yet was greater made e'er in this island, of people slain, before this same, with the edge of the sword; as the books inform us of the old historians; since hither came from the eastern shores the Angles and Saxons, over the broad sea...

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