Notices of the Proceedings, Volume 8

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Page 456 - But to return to our own institute: besides these constant exercises at home there is another opportunity of gaining experience to be won from pleasure itself abroad; in those vernal seasons of the year when the air is calm and pleasant, it were an injury and sullenness against nature not to go out and see her riches and partake in her rejoicing with heaven and earth.
Page 501 - Though all the world betrays thee, One sword, at least, thy rights shall guard, One faithful harp shall praise thee !" The minstrel fell ! but the foeman's chain Could not bring his proud soul under ! The harp he...
Page 456 - I should not therefore be a persuader to them of studying much then, after two or three years that they have well laid their grounds, but to ride out in companies with prudent and staid guides to all the quarters of the land...
Page 10 - Should we regard those living plants as the products of dead dust or mineral particles, or should we regard them as the offspring of living seeds ? The reply is unavoidable. We should undoubtedly consider the experiment with the flower-pot as clearing up our pre-existing ignorance ; we should regard the fact of their producing cresses and grasses as proof positive that the particles sown in the earth of the pot were the seeds of the plants which have grown from them. It would be simply monstrous...
Page 496 - ... when he took notice that the valves in the veins of so many parts of the body were so placed, that they gave free passage to the blood towards the heart, but opposed the passage of the venal blood the contrary way : he was invited to...
Page 459 - I will also teach you. Some one writes a name, and hides it from the children — the name of some part of the body, or of a plant, or animal, or metal — and the children guess what it is. Whoever guesses right gets an apple or a piece of cake. One of the visitors wrote Intestina, and told the children it was a part of the body.
Page 477 - An Appeal in behalf of the views of the eternal world and state, and the doctrines of faith and life, held by the body of Christians who believe that a New Church is signified (in the Revelation, c. xxi.) by the New Jerusalem, including Answers to objections, particularly those of the Rev. G. Beaumont, in his work entitled "The Anti-Swedenborg.
Page 602 - The two fore-teeth of their upper jaw are wanting in all of them, men and women, old and young, whether they draw them out, I know not; neither have they any beards.
Page 113 - ... whose remains have been found in the tertiary deposits of the Rocky Mountain region, that they are the most remarkable of the many remarkable forms brought to light. The brain of these creatures was remarkable for its diminutive proportion. So small indeed was the brain of Dinoceras mirabile that it could " apparently have been drawn through the neural canal of all the presacral vertebrae.
Page 22 - ... until the next day, when it is taken down to the streets and emptied into the Corporation carts. Drunken and vicious though the population be, herded together like sheep, and with the filth collected and kept for twenty-four hours in their very midst, it is a remarkable fact that typhoid fever and diphtheria are simply unknown in these wretched hovels.

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