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tance, and called Hepburn. His originall foorth of England, and advaunced by the service of the Erle of Marche in Scotland. He was of goode power and greate revenue, hurt by the father of the last Erle, havinge sondry gentlemen of his surname of fayre lyvinges, especially the knight of Wawghton and Rycarton, and the house of the best Maister of Hales. This last James Erle Bothwell for his disordered lyf and haynous murther of his prince the Kinge, was attaynted and exiled in Denmarke, wher he miserably dyed.

His houses

were the castells of Hales and Crighton in Lowtheame.


Walter Stewart, Erle of Athell, sonne to Kinge Robert the Second, gotten on his first wyf Eufame, who ever by reason he was the eldest pretended right to the crowne, conspyred the slaughter of James the First, and so slayne and attaynted since that time, of new erected and created of the same surname. An highland and straight contrey, speaking for the most part Irishe, ioyneth with the contrey of Meirnes vpon the syde of Angush, of a prety power. They haue ioyned theim selfes in mariage with the houses of Leuinox, Montros, and with Enlibarden (Tullibarn), havinge sondrey gentlemen of his surname. No greate kyndnes betwixt the Erles of Huntley and him, but sometimes in controversy, and able to countirvaille him with his alliaunces and freendes.



The Erle of Montros, Lord Grahame, and of the same surHis chiefest house of habitacion called Kintarne,* standinge in the Stewartry of Stratherne, within the Sherifdome of Perth, vnder the mountaynes betwixt Sterlinge and St Johnstowne.† He hath an other castell standinge in the Leuinox with sondrey landes perteyninge therto called the Castell and Barony of Mowkdok.‡ He is an Erle of small power, havinge but few gentlemen of his surname except the Larde of Fyntra,§ situate in the Leuenax and dwellinge in + Mugdock. § Fintry.


+ Perth.

the north. His revenues ar not greate, yet being a man civil gyven to quyet, he hath matched with the houses of E.*



The Erle of Eglington, Lord Montgomerye, and of the same surname. His chief house called Eglington 4 miles from the towne of Irreweing, within the Stewartry of Cuninghame, parcell of the Sherifdome of Are. He hath an other castell called Ardrossen standinge vpoun the west seas for anenst the Isle of Bute, and another pyle in the Isle of Cumerayne.+ Ther is of his surname of Montgomeries the heires of Montgomery knight Hesilhead and the Lord of Gyffane, of which house the Count Montgomery in Fraunce is descended. They be of stomak stowte and hardy enemyes sometyme to the house of Glencarne and Boyde. They have matched with the houses of Argyle, Leuinox, Ardkinglas, Cudder and others: his power of him self not greate.


James Lindsaye, Lord Genesk [Glenesk], was made Erle of Crawforde by Kinge Robert, the second of the Stewartes, and continueth with that surname. His landes and lyvinge was so great that he had in heritage 21 baronyes, the most part in Angush, and of late decayed by a portugall [prodigal] Erle who succeeded before this last Erle first beinge Lord of Egill, a man of good lyvinge and of the same surname of Lindsayes. Their power in their first creation was greate, and now diminished by hurte of the Erldome as is sayd. Their boundes for the chief part about Brechin, Grenest, and in Angush.



The Erle of Sutherlande, called Gordon, and descended of the house of Huntley and Straybogin; that contrey marcheth with Cathnes in the farre northe, profitable both for store and corne; on the yonde syde therof lyeth Murraye. This Erle

* Erskine,

+ Cumbray.

± Edzell.

is of goode power within this contrey appended as it wer to Huntley, men of goode courage and noble. They have matched with the houses of Leuinox, Athell, Arrell, and sondrey other Barones in that coontrey of Scotland.


The Erle of Morton, Lord of Dalkeith, called Douglas, descended from the goode Sr James Douglas, knight, of whose surname haue ben fyve severall Erles, viz., th'erles of Douglas, Angush, Wigton, Murrayne, and Morton; ther be extant only Angush and Morton. They have ben men most noble and valiaunt in this lande, ever defendors of their contrey and Kinges, as of Kinge David Brus, of James the Second of the Stewartes, and now partly appereth by James Erle of Morton now Regent of this land of Scotland, a prudent and politique defendour of James the sext, and politique preserver of his countrey. These of Morton for their goode service done to former princes have their landes regall. Their chief houses be the castell of Mor in Nithiselle,* Dalkeyth in Lowtheame, and Abredour in Fyff. Of these two houses are descended.


The armes of the Erle of Orkney was possessed sometyme by the Sinclers, and afterward came agayne to the crowne. Lately it was gyven to that murtherer James Erle of Bothwell, who short tyme enioyed the same. And now that Dukedom, with his auncyent Erldome, by atteynture is agayne annexed to the crowne.


The Erldome of Boughan was gyven first by James the First, by commiseration, to George Erle of Marche, and 400 markes yerely pension forth of the Erldome of Marche after his attaynture. Afterward the same Erldome of Boughan was gyven to John Stewart, sonne to Robert Duke of Albanie, who was gouernour of Scotland. The same John was a noble

[blocks in formation]

man, sent with an army in Fraunce, and for his valiauntnes was made Constable of that realme; slayne by the Duke of Bedford, Regent of England. His chief house, called Owghter House,* is in Angush, besyde Dundie, and now the Erldome descended to a daughter.


The Erle of Arrel, called Haye, Constable of Scotland by inheritance, descended from a base contrey man of that surname, who (in a battell foughten by Kinge Keneth against the Danes), with his two sonnes and plough yokes in their handes, in a straight retourned the Scottes to battell, and valiauntly fought and overthrew the army of Danes; in reward he gott all the landes betwixt the ryver of Taye and Arrell, being six myles in length and fower in breadth, and of the best landes in Scotland, in the Kers † of Gowrye, where the wheate that maketh mane groweth. His house is called Arrell, 4 myles from Dedere ; his greatest roomes and habitation is in Boughan,§ in the north, a noble surname by long progression, and gyveth the yoke aboue his creast, and the red shield in a feeld of silver. They have ben cunterpanes in freendship and power to the Erles of Huntley. Slanes their chief house in Bouchan.


The Erle of Rothos, Lord Lesley, of the same surname, His chief houses called Banbreight, standinge vpon Lisley grene, not farre from Falklande in the Sherifdome of Fyff, and hath ben Sherif of the same, but now transfered to the Lord Lindsay, as I think. He descendeth of the house of Glenesk, and gyveth the buckles called bruches in gold vpon a barre of silver, as from that house. He hath many gentlemen of his surname of Lesleys, but altogether in maner lyenge in the north of Scotland, by which meanes he and they be alwayes ioyned in freendschip with the Erles of Huntley. This man's brother, called Normand, Lord Lesley, for the

* Auchterhouse.

+ Carse.


§. Buchan.

slaughter of the late Cardinall of St Andrewes, was banyshed in England, and afterward slayne in Fraunce, a valiaunt and worthie gentleman.


The Erle of Cathenes, called Sinclere, the furthest contrey of the north in Scotland, nixt vnto Orkenye; a man of no great lyvinge, and few landed men by that Erldome of his surname; of a goode power in his contrey, but not to bringe—


The Erldome of Murrey hath been possessed by Erle Thomas Randoll,* sister sonne to the Brus, and by his sonne John Randoll, afterwards by the Dunbarres and Murreys; then by mariage enioyed with the Dowglasses, revertinge to the crowne, was gyven to James Stewart, base sonne to James the Fourth, slaine at Flowdone; and lastly, beinge againe at the crowne, James Stewart, base sonne to James the Fift, departed at Falklande, was created Erle of the same, beinge first Erle of Marre, whose right name herafter shall appeire. He was made Regent of Scotland, a man godly of wisdome, liberalitie, and stomake to goode for that lande, beinge so barbarously slayne by false conspirators, leavinge behynd him but a daughter to the Abbott of St Combesynch sonne, that by her hath the Erledom. The old Countesse beinge also maryed to the Erle of Argyle.


The Erle of Menteith, called Greham; his [progenitors] were Erles of Stratherne and Comitie Palatynes, now decayenge in lyvinge and of no greate power. Their chief dwellinge is within the Stewartrye of Menteith, a pretie contrey, parcell of the Sherifdome of Perth, called Saint Johnstowne. His chief house and dwellinge called the Inche, lyenge within a freshe water loight called Inchemahrome,‡ two myles from the Inchmahome.

* Randolph.

+ Perth.

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