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head of the water of Forth above Sterlinge. They have ben allyd with the Erles of Argyle, Erskings, and others.


The Lord Ersking, of the same surname, a baron of greate fidelitie to the crowne, Sherif of Sterlingeshire by inheritance, capitayne of the Castell of Sterlinge, and comonly kepers of their princes in their minoritie; he hath very few landed men of their surname, and yet of goode power by their freends and alliaunces within that shire. His house of Ersking standeth in the Renfrew, three myles from Dunbertane, vpon the syde of Clyde water; his house of residence, called Allowaye, standeth on the north syde Forth, 6 myles from Sterlinge. This Lord is now, for his goode service and truthe, created Erle of Marre, and last was Regent of Scotland.


The Lord Leuingston, of the same surname, an ancyent baron. His chief house, called the Castell of Callender, lyeth 17 myles from Edinburgh, in the high way to Stirlinge, very well situate. Of his surname be the Lords of Kilsyth in the Leuenax, and Dunypace in Sterlingshire,

the first two of goode lyvinge, and other gentlemen, besyde the Fawkirke and Kers, men of goode stomake, of no greate power. This Lordes lyvinge is hurte by adheringe to the part of the late Scottes queene.



The Lord Fleminge, of the same surname, descended from Robert Fleminge, who, for his goode service at the battell of Bannaburne, was rewarded with the landes of Cummernald, 24 myles from Edinburgh, by Kinge Robert Brus; these landes lyeth west from Edinburgh, and hath a chase of read deare, wylde white kyne. He is Lord Chamberlayne of Scotland, Sherif of Tweddell, called Pebles. He hath an other house at Begger, a towne vpon the head of Twede water.





hath fewe gentlemen of his surname of any effect, save the Lord of Boghall, who was capitayne of Dunbertane, where he was lately taken by the Erle of Leuinox freendes, and the Lord escaped. His lyvinge is hurte by adheringe to the opinion of the late Queene Mary. He is of the Frenche faction, and hath a brother Grand Prior in France, and base brother to the Kinge. This house of Fleminge is allyed and freendes with Angus, with the Lords of Drummonde and Erskinge.


The Lord Yester, called Hay, descended from the house of Arrell, Constable of Scotland. His chief house, called Yester, within 4 myles of Hadington, in Lowtheame, was taken in the warres of Edward the sext by the last Lord Grey. There be but fewe gentlemen of that house, savinge Mr John Haye and the Lorde of Allowe. His power not greate, of goode livinge. Yester is allyed with the Erles of Angush and Morton.


The Lord Drummond, of the same surname, is descended from St John Drummond of Stobhall, knight, whose daughter Robert the third of the Stewardes maryed. Their chief house, called Drymmen, standeth in Straitherne, within the Sherifdome of Saint Johnston, called Perth, 18 myles northward from Sterlinge. Ther be of that surname the Lord of Innerpefrye, Erne, Drummond, and others not of greate power. A surname subtile and of cruell stomake, as appeered by the buryinge of lxx. Murreyes, their neighbours, in one church. The women of that house haue ben fayre commonly lemmans to kinges of that lande, as to James the Fourth * and to James the Fifte his sonne. They haue matched with the houses of Huntley; the last George borne of a daughter of that house with Angush and Flemynge very neere at this day in alliaunce.

*Our author's assertions with respect to the dishonour of this illustrious house are not historically borne out. For an account of the attachment of James IV. to Margaret Drummond, see "Monuments and Monumental Inscriptions in Scotland," ii. 156.





The Lord Oliphant, of the same surname, descended of the Lordes of Aberdawgie. His house, called Dupline, lyeth in Straherne, vpon the water of Erne, where Edward Balliol, assisted by Edward the Third, Kinge of England, gave battell with 8000 men only, overthrew the most part of the nobles of Scotland, and made himself kinge, called to this day the battell of Dupline. This baron is not of greate revenue, but that he hath be good landes and profitable; few gentlemen of his surname, and so of small power; yet a house very loyall to the state of Scotland, accompted no orators in their words, nor yet fooles in their deedes. They do not surmounte in their alliaunces, but content with their worshipfull neighbours. Their house lyeth two myles on this syde Saint Johnston.


The Lord Ros of Hakket and Mailuile, Ros by his surname, descended from Hugh Ros, whose sonne Walter was Erle of Ros. His chief house, called Halkheade, lyeth fyve myles from Glasco westward, within haulf a myle of Paisley, and lyke distant from Crukiston, chief house of the Erle of Leuinox, in the Sherifdome of Renfrew. He hath an other house beside Dalkeith called Mailuiles.* They haue ben men of goode stomackes, and hardy. Their power and lyvinge not greate. Assistances and alliances ever to the house of Leuinox. Of that housse and surname came in England, and was Lord Ros in Yorkshire, whose inheritance is come to the Erles of Rutland. This house in Scotland is now descended to a daughter.


The Lord Ruthven, of the same surname, Sherif of Perth by inheritance, called Saint Johnston, a shire very greate, wherein be the Stewartries of Straighernet and Menteith. His chief house called Ruthen, within two myles of St John

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ston aforesaid. A baron of goode livinge. His grandfather maryed one of the heires of the Lord Dyrleton, and so augmented his revenue. The man's father maryed the daughter of Archibald Erle of Angush, haulf sister to my Lady Margaret Leuinox. This man now is Lord Threasorer of Scotland. The house of Ruthven haue ben always very loyall to their estate, wyse, and men hardy. Not many of their surname, but of goode power by their freendes and alliances.


The Lord Maxwell, of the same surname. Their forefathers came into Scotland with Edgar and Margaret his sister, that was maryed to King Malcolme Canmore. They were advaunced to sondry landes in Nithisdale vpon the west marches of Scotlande. They have sondry gentlemen of their surname. They ar altogether Wardens of those west marches. Their houses be Carlaverok overthrowen vpon invasion by the Erle of Sussex, Lieutenant for the Quene of England. These have the keepinge of the Castell of Lochmaben. The tower of Langhome be their inheritance. A house in Dunfrise, and the house of Trave, situate with the waters of Doe above Carcobright within Galloway. Their power and livinge is greate. Allyed with the houses of Angus, Drulanhrig, Garleis, Loychinvar, and Johnston.



The Lord Somervile, of the same surname. Their residence with their surname is in Clydisdale, within the Sherifdome of Lanerik, and head towne of that shire, wherof th'erles of Arrane be sheriffes. There is descended of that house the heires of St John Somerville of Canethim,† a faire house in the same shire, the Lord of Plane in Sterlingshire, and other gentlemen. Men hardie. They be of alliance with th' Erles of Angus, and dependers vpon that surname, and not addicted to the Hamiltons their neighboures, but rather enemyes in hart. A noble man of pretie lyvinge; his power not greate. * Kirkcudbright.

+ Cambusnethan.




The Lord Seaton, of the same surname, descended from St Alexander Seaton that kept the towne of Berwike in the days of Edward the Third, King of England. Their surname came home with Kinge Malcolm Canmor forth of England, and for their goode services and loyaltie ever to the estate were made Barones. Their chief house, called Seaton, standeth in Lowtheameshire, 7 miles east from Edinborough. A man of no great lyvinge, but very goode landes that he hath. They haue ben altogither of the Frenche faction, and advaunced sometyme by pension dearly bought. Ther is of that house and surname, the Knight of Alebodye* besyde Sterlinge. They haue matched with Bothwell and Borthwik. The last maryed a French woman. He hath ben hurt by assistinge the late Quene of Scottes.


The Lord Hume, of the same surname, descended from the Lordes of Stanford in England, was advanced for service to sondrey landes in the Mers that was th'erle of Marches. They haue ben of longe tyme Wardens of the east marches. of Scotland, and some tyme of all three. They haue ben Lord Chamberleyn of Scotland, and of greate power; and sondrey gentlemen of goode power and lyving of their surname, of whom the Lordes of Wedderburn, Red Brayes, Coldenknowes, Falscastell, Broxmouth, and others. Their chief houses be Hume Castell, Falscastell, now Dowglas, and Thorneton, both in Lowtheame, and burnt by Englishmen. The Lordes have not of late ben accompted wise, yet hardy, and by improvidence of late lost sondry claymes in the Mers, as Bronfield, Dixsones, Trotters, and others. They haue ben allyed with the houses of Bothwell, Arrane, Crawforde, Borthwik, and others greate men, now almost ruyned for the part of their late Queene.


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