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-o Sor. L. Fleming.

Sor. Ds. Jhon Grym. Drommond. E. Montross.

12. E. OF MONTROSSE, Jo. Grime, of 40 years. His mother, sister to the L. Fleminge, this L. Fleming's grandfather, and after Countes of Athol, mother to this E. Athol. His wife, sister to the L. Dromunde. His heire under age. His daughter maried to the L. Fleming now Stirlinshire, Stratherne, and Perthshire.


Wm. Grym

Er. Monteth.

His lands in

o fia.

13. E. OF MONTEITH, N. Grime, of 14 years. Drumlanrick. His mother, a Duglas, daughter to the Lard of Dumblanereke. First maried to the L. Sanqhar, by whom she had this yonge L. Sanqhar,

now living, and after Countesse of Monteith. His livinge in Monteith.


Er. Marshall

Jhon Keth o
Er. Marshall.

o Hay fia.

Co. Arroll.

o fia. Ds.


14. E. MARSHALL, Jo. Keth, of 34 years. His mother, a Hay of th' E. Erroll's house. His

wife, halfe sister to the L. Hume now livinge, and daughter to th' old L. Hume by his second wife, the Lard of Sesford's daughter. His children but two, and they very yonge. His lands in Angus, Mernis, and Buqhan.

Collan Cambell,

L. Stuard of Scotl.

and L. Just.

15. E. OF ARGILE, Colen Cambell, of 14 years. His mother, a Keith, aunte to this E. Marshall, Countesse, first of Murray, and after He is, by inheritance, L. Chiefe Justice and L. High Steward of Scotland, Commander of Lorna, and all the West Yles. His lands dispersed in Argile, Sterlinshire, Lowdian, etc.

of Argile.

James Er. of Arran.

16. E. OF ARREN, Jan. Hamilton, of 57 years. His father, the D. Hamilton. His mother, a Duglas, daughter to th' old E. Murton. Himself lunaticke, and therfor his living disposed by his next brother, the L. Jo. Hamilton, Abbot of Arbroth. His third brother, the L. Claud, Abbote of Passely. His 4th brother, Davy, lunaticke, like himselfe. His sister, mother to this E. Huntly, died in the like case. His living in Clyddesdale and the Isle of Arren.

Hay, Co.
Arrol, Con-
tab. of Sc.

I ux. fia.
Co. Mar.

o 2 or fia.

Co. Atholl.

17. E. OF ERROL, Frauncis Hay, of 26 years, now widower. Third sonne to the late E., but preferred before his elder brethren, in respect of their naturall infirmitie, being both deafe and dumbe. His first wife was a Stuart, younger daughter to the E. of Murray, Regent; the second, a Stuart, sister to the E. of Athol. He is, by inheritance, Constable of Scotland. His living in Mernis and Gowry.

18. E. OF MARRE, Jo. Erskin, of 26 years,

now widower. His wife was sister to the L. Jhon Erskyn oCo. Mar. Dromond, who bare him his heire, of 5 or 6

- Sor. D. Drommond.

years. His lands in Sterlinshire, Tiffedale, Tuedale, Marche, Mernis, and Marre.


19. E. OF CRAWFORTH, N. Lindsay, of 31 years. His mother, a Beton, base daughter to the Cardinall. His first wife was sister to the W. Lyndsey of L. Dromond. His second wife, sister to the Er. Craford. E. of Atholl. His children legitimate, 2. His next brother, late Mr of Crawforth, and Lard of Kinfans, married Sir Jo. Chesholm's sister. His livinge in Angus and Fife.


Wm. Ruthen o

Mr. o of


fia. 20

20. E. OF GOWREY, N. Ruthven, of 10 years. His father beheaded. His elder brother, late Erle, deceased in September last, at the age of Erl of Gowrey. xiiiten years. His mother, a Stuart, daughter to the L. Methfan. His living in Perthshire, Stratherne, and Gourey. 21. E. OF ROTHES, Andrew Lasley, of 60 years. His first wife a Hamilton; his second a Ruthven, aunte to this E. Gowry. His second sonne, Abbot of Lindorse, maried to one of th' E. of Orkney's daughters. His lands in Fife. 22. E. OF GLENCARNE, Jo. Cuningham, of 36 years.

And. c-
Er. Rothes.

Co. Glencarne.

Abb. of

-o fia.

D. Rot. Lendors.

o Cambell.


His mother a Cambel of the E. of Lo. Cunnyngham o-o a Argile's house. His wife a Cambel of the Lard of Glen Norqhuart's house. His livinge in Cunningham, Lennox, and elsewhere in the west.

[blocks in formation]

Alex. Montgom. o
E. of Eglinton.

23. E. OF EGLINTON, Alexander Montgomery, of vi or vii years. His father slaine by the Cuninghams of Glencarne, at the age of two or thre and twenty, about thre years since. His mother daughter of the L. Boyde. His land in Carickte. 24. E. OF CASSILS, Davy Kennetie, of xiiijten yeares. His mother a Lion, sister to the late

Co. Cassils.

o Lyon.

lo Lo. Jho


L. of Glams, and aunte to thes yonge Lord now David Kenedy o-o livinge. She was first Countesse of Cassils, and now maried to L. Jo. Hamilton, to whom she hath lately borne a sonne and heire. His livinge in Coyle and Carickte.

25. E. OF CATHNESSE, N. Sinklar, of xxiiitie yeares.

His mother a

Heburne, sister to the E. Bothuell, and mother to this E. Bodwell now livinge. So Bothuell and Cathnesse brothers by the mother side. His wife sister to the E. Huntley. The Mr of Cathnes, his brother, of xxitie yeares. His sonne and heire of 3 or 4 yeares. His lands in Cathnes.


I. THE L. JO. HAMILTON, Abbot of Arbroth, of liiii yeares.

L. Jhon Hammilton

o Soror D'Glams, Canc. Scot. po. uxor Co. Cassils

a quo Co. Cassils.


wife a Lyon, sister to the late L. Glams, first maried to the E. of Cassils, to whom she bare this yonge Erle of Cassils, and since to this L.

Jo. Hamilton, to whom also she hath lately borne a sonne and heire. His lands in Clydesdale and Angus.

2. L. CLAUDE HAMILTON, Abbot of Passely, of 52 yeares. His wife sister to this L. Seton, by whom he hath many children. His livinge in Clydesdale.

Joh. Stuard. |

3. L. OF AVENDALE, S' Jam. Hamilton, of 64 years. His wife a Cuningham of the Lard of Caprinton's house. His sonne and heir, S' James Hamilton, of 27 years, maried a Cambell, daughter to the Sheriff of Aire. 4. L. of DownE, Jo. Stuart, of 60 yeares, Abbot of St Colms. His wife sister to the late E. of Argile, this Erle's aunte. The same Erle, having maried the Countesse of Murry, caused her to bestow her daughter (and heire to her first husband) upon his nephue, the L. of Down's eldest sonne, who in her righte is now E. of Murry. His daughter.

Sor. Co. Argile.


Lo. of
fia. et her.
Er. Murray. Co. Murr.


Co. Argi.

maried to the Lard of Wester Wimes. His lands in Sterlinshire.

5. L. INVERMEITH, N. Stuart, of 31 yeares. His mother a Beton, daughter to the Larde of Creiche. His wife a Lindsy, sister to the Knight of Egall, by whom he hath 3 or 4 children.

Anguse, Perthshire, and Stratherne.

His lands in

6. L. OKLETRE, N. Stuart, of 68 yeares. Father to Captaine James Stuart, somtime usurper of th' Erldome of Arren, &c.

7. L. MAXWELL, Jo. Maxwell, of 34 yeares, pretendeth title to the Erldome of Murton, in right of his

Ds Max.

Jo. Maxwell
L. Max.

Co. Morton

-o moth. fia. Jac.4 mother, which was eldeste daughter of o la fias una filiar the old E. Murton, by a base sister of


o-o Suror. Co Angus. K. James the Vth's.

His wife sister

to the late E. Angus.

His sonne and

heire of 3 yeares.


His lands in Nidisdale, Annandale, Galloway,


Wm. Maxwell


D. Maxwelle

8. L. HERIS and L. Terikles, N. Maxwell, of 26 yeares. father was brother to the old E. Maxwell, so he cosen germaine to the L. Maxwell now livinge. His mother was the heretrix to the L. Heriss and old L. Heris, in whose right he holdeth that Barony. His livinge in Nidisdale and Galloway.



fi. et

her. L.


9. L. HUME, Alexdr Hume, of 25 yeares, L. Warden of the East Marches. His mother sister to the L. Grey. His wife daughter to this E. Murton, before Mistres of Oliphant. His landes in the

Marche and Lowditon.


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Alex. L.


fia. D. Gray. o-o fia. Co. Morton po. uxor Ds. Olifant.

10. L. LOVAITE, N. Frizell, of 21 yeares, Cheife of the Clan Kimhies, in Rosse and Sutherlande. His mother a Stuart, sister to the E. Athol, after maried to the E. of Marche, and last of all to Capten James Stuart, who presently enioyeth her.

II. L. FORBOSE of that Ilke, of 65 yeares. His wife a Keith, one of the heires of Enderugie. The Mr of Forbose, his heire, of 50, maried first a Gordon, aunte to this E. Huntley, and after her divorcement he toke for second wife a Seton, wife to the old Justice Clark, this Justice Clarke's stepdame. The yonge M1, this man's sonne, of 26 years, a servitour of the Duke of Parma.

12. L. OF GLAMMIS, N. Lyon, of xi. yeares. the E. of Craforth's followers.

His tuttor,

His father slaine by


the Mr of Glammis, his father's brother.
His mother an Abernethie, daughter to the L. Glammis o fia.
Lorde Salton. His livinge in Angus and E. Craford.


[blocks in formation]

His mother

13. L. DROMUND of that Ilke, of about 40 yeares. sister to the L. Ruthven, this yonge E. Gourie's grandfather. His first wife a Lindsie, daughter to the Knight of Egall. She bare him the Mr and all his barns. His second wife was before Countesse of Eglinton, mother of the late E. Eglinton, this man's father, and to the Lady Seton and the La. Semple now livinge. His landes in Perthshire and Stratherne.

14. L. OLIPHANT of that Ilke, of 60 yeares. His mother sister to the E. of Lennox, who after was Countesse of Sotherland, and mother to this E. of Sotherland, His wife a Hay, aunte to the E. of Erroll.

His eldest son, the Mr of Oliphant, perished in the hands of the Dunkirkers, leavinge behind him his Lady, daughter to this E. of Murton, and now Lady Hume, and sonne and heire, to inherite the Barony of Oliphant after the old Lord's decease. His daughter maried to the yonge Lard of Glenbarvy. His livinge in Perthshire and


15. L. LINDSIE of that Ilke, of 68 yeares. His mother a Stuart, aunte to this E. Athol. His wife a Duglas, sister to this E. of Murton. She bare him,


0. fia. Co. Rothos.

before her death, the Mr of Lindsie, and two

His lands in Fife.

or three other children. 16. L. SINKLAR of that Ilke, of 61 yeares. His mother a Keithe, greate aunte to this E. Marshall. She was before Lady Dromund, and bare this L. Dromonde's father. His first wife, that bare him his three eldest sons, was sister to the L. Lindsay. His second,

she was daughter to the Lord Forbose, by whom he hath also many children. His livinge in Fyfe.


17. L. SEMPLE of that Ilke, of about 18 yeares. His wife sister to the late E. Eglinton, this man's father, and to the Lady Seton. father's base brother, Coronel Semple. His living farre west.

18. L. LEVISTON of that Ilke, of 59 yeares. His wife a Flemynge. His children many. The Mr of Leveston maried a sister of th' E. of Athol's, and hath by her many barns. His livinge in Sterlingshire

and about Lithquo.

19. L. OGLEBY of that Ilke, of 48 yeares. His wife daughter to the L. Forbose. His children many. The Mr of Ogleby, his sonne, married this E. Gowrey's sister. His landes in Angus.

20. L. SANQHAR AND CRIGHTON, N. Crighton, of 20 yeares. His mother a Duglas, daughter to the Lard of Drumlanerike, who was after Countesse of Monteith, and mother to this E. Monteith. So he halfe brother to the said Erle. His lands in Nidisdale and Galloway.

21. L. SALTON, N. Abernethie, of 28 yeares. His mother a Keithe, aunte to this E. Marshall. His wife a Stuart, halfe sister to the E. of Athol. His sonne and heire of 12 yeares. His livinge in Straboggy, Buqhuane, and much elsewhere.

22. L. ELPHINSTON of that Ilke, depends on the E. of Marre. His mother an Erskin of that house. His yeares about xxix. His livinge in Stirlingshire.

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