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Lords or Barons, created of Landes appertaining to Busshopricks

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Their Ages.

Of 63 years; his mother, Keith; his wife, Laureston. This Lordship is founded on the Abbot of Dere.

Of 39 yeres ; his mother, th Erle of Rothe's sister; his wife, Maxwell, sister to this L. Harris. This Lordship is founded on the Abbacie of Newbottle; his house, Morphele or Preston Grange.

Of 35 years; the L. Seaton's brother; his wife, the L. Drummond's doughter; founded on the Priory of Pluscardy.

Of 28 yeres; th' Erle of Crawfurde's 3d bro

ther; his wife, Lyon, the L. Glames' doughter. This is founded on the Bushoprick of Murray ; his house is Spinay; but Huntley is heritable Constable in that house.

Indorsed by Lord Burghley-A Cataloge of the Nobilete in


XIV. The Names and Titles of Erles and Lords of Scotland, with the Coontris wherein they live, beginning in the North, and so Southward. (In the handwriting of Henry Lok.)

In the Isls of Orkney :

[1602.] S.P.O. (vol. lxix. No. 66.)

1. Patrick Erle of Orkney, soon to Robert Stuart, base brother to Mary late Qwen of Scott, by Kennedy, dawghter of Gilbert, sumtims Erle of Cassils, and father to the present Erle of Cassils. This Patrick, now Erle, is married to Liuieston, sister to Alex' now Lord Liueston, widowe to S' Lewes Bellanden, late Justis Clark, a gret cownseler to the King; he hath yet no children.

In Catnes:

2. Georg Erle of Catnes, of surname Sinclere; he maried Gorden, sister to Georg now Marqwes of Huntley, and by her hath children. In Sotherland:

3. John Erle of Sotherland, a Gorden by surname, soon of John by Gerden, diuorsed wife of James Heborn, soomtims Erle Bothwel and Duk of the Isles, and maried to the late Qwen of Scots, who died in Denmark. This Erle is maried to

dafter * to the M' of Elfeston, yet childles.

In Strabogie-land, in Sherifdom of Aberden :


4. Georg Erle Huntly, an adoptiue Gorden, but indede descended of one S' Alexander Seaton. He maried Henriot Stuard, sister to the Duk of Lenox, and hath soons and dafters.


Dafter," daughter; probably written as a contraction. Lok's orthography, however, in this paper is very peculiar.

In Bowghan :--

5. Erle of Bowqhan, Dowglas by sirname, by


6. Fransis Hey, Erle of Aral, Constable of Scotland; his first wife was Stuard, dafter to James Erle of Mory, and in his second mariadg Stuard, dawghter to John Erle of Athal, and by theas no child; sins maried Dowglas, dafter to William Erle Morton, somtims Lord of Lowghleuen, and by hir hath soons and dafters.


In Morey:

7. James Erle Morey, a Stuard, soon to James, murdered by Huntly; his mother, Stuard, eldest dafter to Rege[nt] Morey, by Agnes Keth, a Erle Martial's dafter; this Erle unmaried.

In the Mearns :·

8. Erle Marsial, a Keth by sirname; first maried to this Lord Hewm's sister, and by hir had his children; and sins he maried this Lord Oglebe's dafter.

In Angwish :

9. The Erle of Crawford, John Lindsey by surname, maried to Stuard, sister to the late Erle of Athal, by whom he hath

soons and dafters.


10. The Erle of Mowntros, John Gream; maried dafter to Dauid late Lord Dromont, and sister to the present Lord, by whom he hath soons and one dafter.

In Athal:

II. John Stuard Erle of Athal, lately Lord of Indermeth; maried the widoe of John late Earl of Athal, being sister to the late slain Erle of Gorey, by whom he hath children.

In Fife:

12. Andro Erle of Rothes, Leslye by surname; first maried to Hambelton, dafter to one Sir James Hambilton, by whom Dure [Durie], dafter to the

he had 8 children; sins married

Lord of Dure, by whome also he hath children.

In Pierth:

13. James [John] Erle of Gorey, Ruthven by surname; his

mother, the Lord Mefen's (a Stuard) dafter, of the hows of Ogletre; he was slain, being unmaried and childles.

In Argile :

14. Archibald Campbel, Erle of Argile; his mother was a Stuard, Lord St Comb's dafter; he maried Dowglas, dafter to the present Erle of Morton, and hath by hir soons and dafters.

In Lenox:

15. The Duk of Lenox, a Stuard; his mother, D'Aubeni, in Frans ; himself first maried the late Erle of Gori's sister, and sins the Sherif of Eir's dafter, a Campbel by name, and hath children.

In Sterlingshir :

16. John Erle of Mar, Erskin by sirname; first maried to Dromont, dafter to David Lord Dromont, and by hir hath soons and dafters; sins maried the Duk of Lenox sister, a Stuard.

17. unmaried.

In Mounteth :—

Erle of Monteth, a Greme by surname : yong;

In Cloidisdal:

18. John Hambelton, now Marqwes of Hambelton and Erle of Aran; maried to Lion, dafter to Lord Lion, and widow to the

Erle Casels, desesed, and by her hath children.

In Lodian:

19. William Erle of Morton, a Dowglas, sumtims Lord of Lowghleuen; maried to Leshly, dafter to the Erle of Rothos, and by

hir hath many soons and dafters.

20. William Dowglas, Erle of Angwisch [Angus]; maried to Olephant, dafter to Larans late Lord Olephant, by whom he hath soons and dafters.

21. Francis Erle of Bothwel, a Stuard by sirname, soon to John Commen[dat]er of Coldingham, base soon to James the 5, by Jane Heborn, dafter and heir of Heborn Erle of Bothwel, maried to the Scots Queen, and died in Denmark. This Bothwel, maried Margaret Dowglas, dafter to Dauid Erle of Angwish, deseased, and sister to

the Erle banisht in Ingland; she was first widow to Sir Walter Scot, and by him had the present Lord of Baclowgh, and by Francis Erle of Bothwel many soons.

In Coningham:

22. Alexander Erle of Glankern, by surnam Coningham; he maried Campbel, dafter to Coline Cambel of Glenvrquha,

and by hir soons and dafters.


Erle of Eglinton, by surname Mowntgomery, soon of
Kenety, dafter to the Lard of Barganies;

the last Earl, by

is as yet unmaried.


In Carak:

Kennedy, Erle of Casel; maried Jane Fleming, dafter of late Lord Fleming, and widowe to John Matelin, late Chanseler; by hir hath no children.

25. mother, a

In Lodian :

Lord Seton, Erle, newly created Erle of Winton; his ; hath sundry children.

; his wife, a


1. Hugh Froisel, Lord Louet; maried first

Mackeny, dafter of Mackeny of Kantire, and by hir had children; and sins maried Stuard, dafter to James [Earl of] Morey, Regent.

2. John Lord Forbes; maried George Erle of Huntly's dafter, and by hir had soons, now Jesuits and Capusians in Flanders; after maried Seton's dafter, Lord of Touch, wedow of Sir John Balendin, Knight, and by her hath soons and dafters.

3. James Lord Ogelbe; maried

Forbes, and hath by hir soons and dafters.

Forbes, dafter to the Lord

4. James Lion, Lord Glames; maried Agnes Morey, dafter to the Lord of Tillibarn, and hath by hir suns and dafters.

5. The Lord of Spiney, a Lindsey, brother of Erle Crawford; maried to the widow of the banished Earl of Angwish, Archibald. 6. The Lord Gray; maried Ruthen, sister to the beheded Erle of Gorey, caled William, and by hir hath soons and dafters.


Lord Oliphant, in captivity; maried Dowglas, dafter to William Erle of Morton, and by hir hath soons and dafters, who sins

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