Proceedings, American Philosophical Society (vol. 114, No. 3, 1970)

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Page 170 - SPECIMENS OF THE EARLY POETRY OF FRANCE, from the Time of the Troubadours and Trouveres to the Reign of Henri Quatre, by LOUISA STUART COSTELLO.
Page 174 - MICHEL. A Critical Inquiry into the Scottish Language. With the view of Illustrating the Rise and Progress of Civilisation in Scotland.
Page 207 - Those principles are: 1. Respect for the territorial integrity and the sovereignty of each and all nations. 2. Support of the principle of noninterference in the internal affairs of other countries. 3. Support of the principle of equality, including equality of commercial opportunity. 4. Nondisturbance of the status quo in the Pacific except as the status quo may be altered by peaceful means.
Page 208 - So long as such leaders maintain this attitude in their official positions and apparently seek to influence public opinion in Japan in the direction indicated, is it not illusory to expect that adoption of a proposal such as the one under consideration offers a basis for achieving substantial results along the desired lines?
Page 169 - Michel, suivies de l'ancienne musique mise en notation moderne, avec accompagnement de piano par M.
Page 170 - There are several ballads in French and English, on the subject of Hugh of Lincoln, which were collected by MF Michel, and published at Paris in 1834, with the title — ' Hugues de Lincoln, Recueil de Ballades Anglo-Normandes et Ecossoises relatives au Meurtre de cet Enfant.
Page 217 - Not only are the chances of achieving the unattained outcomes improved but an additional source of outcomes becomes available: by sharing their hostility toward the oppressors, the members may experience both an increase in affiliative outcomes (mutual respect and affection) and a "rising moral pride" (Rado, 1950) from having repudiated the impulse to give in to their captors [Thibaut & Kelley, 1959, p.
Page 217 - A series of cooperative activities toward superordinate goals has a cumulative effect in reducing intergroup hostility. This cumulative effect involves the successful development of procedures for cooperating in specific activities and their transfer to new situations, so that established modes of intergroup cooperation are recognized.
Page 171 - Collection de documents inedits sur l'histoire de France publies par ordre du roi et par les soins du ministre de l'instruction publique.
Page 171 - XII* siècles ; publié, pour la première fois, d'après les manuscrits de Londres, de Cambridge, de Douai, de Bruxelles et de Paris.

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