Proceedings of the American Medico-Psychological Association Annual Meeting, Volume 4

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American Medico-Psychological Association, 1897


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Page 238 - I am not yet of Percy's mind, the Hotspur of the north ; he that kills me some six or seven dozen of Scots at a breakfast, washes his hands, and says to his wife, — Fie upon this quiet life ! I want work.
Page 76 - Ruby wine is drunk by knaves, Sugar spends to fatten slaves, Rose and vine-leaf deck buffoons; Thunder-clouds are Jove's festoons, Drooping oft in wreaths of dread, Lightning-knotted round his head; The hero is not fed on sweets, Daily his own heart he eats; Chambers of the great are jails, And head-winds right for royal sails.
Page 40 - Association shall include all past and present medical superintendents named in the official list published for 1892 of members of " The Association of Medical Superintendents of American Institutions for the Insane...
Page 273 - It follows that any legal proceeding enforced by public authority, whether sanctioned by age and custom, or newly devised in the discretion of the legislative power, in furtherance of the general public good, which regards and preserves these principles of liberty and justice, must be held to be due process of law.
Page 108 - No blaring trumpet sounded out his fame ; He lived, he died. I do not know his name. No form of bronze and no memorial stones Show me the place where lie his...
Page 42 - Persons; of whom, in the first appointment, [one third, viz.] (four,) shall be for one Year, (four) for two Years, and (four) for three Years; and as the said terms expire, the Vacancies shall be filled by appointments for three Years; whereby one Third of the Members will be changed annually.
Page 39 - Corresponding members. ARTICLE IV. The officers of the Association shall consist of a President, Vice- President, Secretary...
Page 260 - Insert sex, age, married or single, and occupation.) and that the said is insane, and a proper person for care and treatment, under the provisions of chapter 446 of the Laws of 1874.
Page 129 - It is to be hoped that the day is not far distant, when...
Page 262 - ... nor in any way connected as a medical attendant, or otherwise, with the hospital or other establishment, in which it is proposed to place such person.

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