Theism Or Atheism: The Eternal Debate

Front Cover
Ashgate, 2004 - 206 pages
From the time of the thinkers of ancient Greece the question of what can be said about the existence and nature of God without the direct aid of Scripture has been debated by many philosophers and theologians. In Theism and Atheism: The Eternal Debate, F.F. Centore presents a broad analysis of the major positions that address the question and the thinkers who have contributed to the debate. This is an admirably lucid and thorough examination of the history of natural theology. Covering the material in a thematic rather than in a strictly chronological way, Centore draws out the key positions on topics such as relationship of science and religion, the problem of evil, Naturalistic and Supernaturalistic theism and the dispute between essence and existence. The proponents of the various positions are considered alongside their most explicit critics.

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