The Chicago Medical Journal, Volume 22

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James Barnet, 1865
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Page 203 - He is a portion of the loveliness Which once he made more lovely. He doth bear His part, while the One Spirit's plastic stress Sweeps through the dull dense world : compelling there All new successions to the forms they wear...
Page 556 - Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be transmitted by the Secretary to the relatives of the late Dr.
Page 203 - By your beauty, which confesses Some chief Beauty conquering you,— By our grand heroic guesses, Through your falsehood, at the True,— We will weep not. . . ! earth shall roll Heir to each God's aureole— And Pan is dead. Earth outgrows the mythic fancies Sung beside her in her youth : And those debonaire romances Sound but dull beside the truth. Phoebus' chariot-course is run ! Look up, poets, to the sun ! Pan, Pan is dead.
Page 188 - The value of the present edition has been greatly enhanced by the introduction of new subjects and terms, and a more complete etymology and accentuation, which renders the work not only satisfactory and desirable, but indispensable to the physician.— Chicago Med.
Page 477 - ... Morris, a very aged lady, sister of Hon. Thomas Corwin, and widow of Hon. Isaiah Morris. She has scarcely a gray hair, perfect hearing and good sight, and takes an active interest in all the live issues of the time. On passing her eighty-seventh birthday, she laughingly exclaimed; "Isn't it wonderful that a harp of a thousand strings should stay in tune so long ? ' ' Near the town is the nursery and fruit farm of Mr.
Page 399 - It is evident that the confirmation of the existence of the practice of arsenic-eating must lead us to modify some of the opinions that are entertained with regard to the influence of habit on the action of poisons. It has long been notorious, that by habit the human body may be brought to bear with impunity doses of organic poisons, such as opium, which, to those unaccustomed to them, would certainly prove fatal; but "it has hitherto been considered by toxicologists that, except within very narrow...
Page 202 - Has immortality of name been given To them that idly worship hills and groves, And burn sweet incense to the queen of heaven? Did Newton learn from fancy, as it roves, To measure worlds and follow where each moves? Did Howard gain renown that shall not cease, By wanderings wild that nature's pilgrim loves?
Page 504 - ... and tea — two slops and a meal. But let her, in good English phrase, call the children's meals breakfast, dinner, and supper, and then we immediately obtain two dinners and one slop, the breakfast— an obvious improvement. I have secured to many a child a reasonable evening meal by suggesting to the mother the mere use of the word "supper" as the name of the third meal.
Page 185 - That the degree of protection afforded by previous unmodified smallpox, from a second attack, is only 2| per cent, greater than the protection afforded by vaccination ; a proportion too small to be regarded as any evidence of real difference in protective power, and reasonably attributable to spurious or impaired vaccination from a variety of causes, such as vaccination during the progress of other diseases, injury of the vesicle, or defective lymph.
Page 185 - ... diseases generally, and against smallpox in particular; and against death by smallpox the protective power of vaccination is almost perfect. "2. That of any number of persons who have had unmodified smallpox, the proportion wholly protected from a second attack at adult age is 43 per cent., while 57 per cent, are liable to it again in some form or other.

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