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out impropriety, into his account of those remote periods of human society.

In the Eleusinian mysteries, the philosophy of the works of Nature, with the origin and progress of society, are believed to have been taught by allegoric scenery, explained by the Hierophant to the initiated, which gave rise to the machinery of the following Poem.


Jan. 1st, 1802.





Bowers of Pleasure, 89.

Pain, 105. Den of Oblivion, 113.

Cave of Trophonius, 125. Shrine of Nature, 129. Eleusinian

Mysteries, 137. III. Morning, 155. Procession of Virgins, 159.

Address to the Priestess, 167. Descent of Orpheus into Hell, 185.

IV. Urania, 205.

Life began

beneath the Sea, 233. Repulsion, Attraction, Contraction, Life, 235.

Spontaneous Production of minute Animals, 247. Irritation, Ap-
petency, 251. Life enlarges the Earth, 265. Sensation, Volition,
Association, 269. Scene in the Microscope; Mucor, Monas,
Vibrio, Vorticella, Proteus, Mite, 231. V. Vegetables and
Animals improve by Reproduction, 295. Have all arisen from
Microscopic Animalcules, 303. Rocks of Shell and Coral, 315.
Islands and Continents raised by Earthquakes, 321. Emigration
of Animals from the Sea, 327. Trapa, 335. Tadpole, Mus-
Diodon, Lizard, Beaver, Lamprey, Remora,
Venus rising from the Sea, emblem of Organic
Nature, 371. All Animals are first Aquatic, 385. Fetus in the
Womb, 389. Animals from the Mud of the Nile, 401. The
Hierophant and Muse, 421-450.

quito, 343.

Whale, 351.



I. By firm immutable immortal laws,

Impress'd on Nature by the GREAT FIRST CAUSE,
Say, MUSE! how rose from elemental strife
Organic forms, and kindled into life;

How Love and Sympathy, with potent charm,
Warm the cold heart, the lifted hand disarm ;
Allure with pleasures, and alarm with pains,

And bind Society in golden chains.

Four past eventful Ages then recite,

And give the fifth, new-born of Time, to light; 10

The silken tissue of their joys disclose,

Swell with deep chords the murmur of their woes;


Their laws, their labours, and their loves proclaim,
And chant their virtues to the trump of Faine.

IMMORTAL LOVE! who ere the morn of Time, On wings outstretch'd o'er Chaos hung sublime; Warm'd into life the bursting egg of Night,

And gave young Nature to admiring Light!—

You! whose wide arms, in soft embraces hurl'd

Round the vast frame, connect the whirling world! 20 Whether immers'd in day, the Sun your throne,

You gird the planets in your silver zone;

Or warm, descending on ethereal wing,

The Earth's cold bosom with the beams of Spring;

Press drop to drop, to atom atom bind,

Link sex to sex, or rivet mind to mind;

Attend my song!-With rosy lips rehearse,

And with your polish'd arrows write my verse!
So shall my lines soft-rolling eyes engage,

And snow-white fingers turn the volant page;


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