The American Cyclopædia: A Popular Dictionary of General Knowledge, Volume 3

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George Ripley, Charles Anderson Dana
Appleton, 1879

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Page 269 - And they said, Go to, let us build us a city, and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven ; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.
Page 128 - Technology, for the purpose of instituting and maintaining a society of arts, a museum of arts, and a school of industrial science, and aiding generally, by suitable means, the advancement, development, and practical application of science in connection with arts, agriculture, manufactures, and commerce...
Page 77 - book' shall be construed to mean and include every volume, part or division of a volume, pamphlet, sheet of letter-press, sheet of music, map, chart, or plan separately published...
Page 394 - He was a member of the Academy of Arts and Sciences, and — what is regarded as a signal distinction by American historians — a corresponding member of the Massachusetts Historical Society.
Page 39 - American | Ornithology ; | or, | The Natural History | of | Birds Inhabiting the United States, | not given by Wilson.
Page 480 - We, of the jury, say that Aaron Burr is not proved to be guilty under the indictment by any evidence submitted to us.. We therefore find him not guilty.
Page 345 - but firm, truthful, and intelligent. His men, too, who survive, are like him. . . . Colonel Washington says that he was the coolest and firmest man he ever saw in defying danger and death. With one son dead by his side, and another shot through, he felt the pulse of his dying son with one hand, and held his rifle with the other, and commanded his men with the utmost composure, encouraging them to be firm, and to sell their lives as dear as they could. Of the three white prisoners, Brown, Stevens,...
Page 80 - For the pleasing Entertainment of the Polite part of Mankind, I have Printed the most beautiful Poems of Mr. Stephen Duck, the famous Wiltshire Poet. It is a full Demonstration to me, that the People of New England have a fine Taste for good Sense and polite Learning, having already Sold 1200 of those Poems.
Page 472 - Expository Lectures on the Principal Texts of the Bible which relate to the Doctrine of the Trinity ; " a volume of "Miscellanies,
Page 452 - This disposes of a question which had been raised at the common law, whether such a breaking out was burglary. The punishment of the offence in England was formerly death ; now it is penal servitude for life, or for any term of years not less than five, or imprisonment not more than two years, with or without hard labor, and with or without solitary confinement.

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