The Physico-chemical Properties of Steel

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C. Griffin, limited, 1916 - 229 pages
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Page 5 - COLLEGE, ETC., ETC CONTENTS^ — Discharge through Orifices. — Flow of Water through Pipes. — Accumulators. — Presses and Lifts. — Hoists. — Rams. — Hydraulic Engines. — Pumping Engines. — Capstans. — Traversers. — Jacks. — Weighing Machines. — Riveters and Shop Tools. — Punching, Shearing, and Flanging Machines. — Cranes. — Coal Discharging Machines. — Drills and Cutters. — Pile Drivers, Excavators, &c. — Hydraulic Machinery applied to Bridges, Dock Gates, Wheels...
Page 3 - EDITION. 12s. 6d. A MANUAL OF THE STEAM-ENGINE AND OTHER PRIME MOVERS. With a Section on GAS, OIL, and AIR ENGINES, by BRYAN DONKIN, M.Inst.CE With Folding Plates and Numerous Illustrations.
Page 15 - Its CLEARNESS of STYLE, LUCIDITY of DESCRIPTION, and FULNESS of DETAIL have long ago won for it a place unique in the literature of this branch of mining engineering, and the present edition fully maintains the high standard of its predecessors. To the student, and to the mining engineer alike, ITS VALUE is inestimable. The illustrations are excellent.
Page 15 - Sinking and Fitting of Shafts. — Modes of Working. — Timbering Roadways. — Winding and Drawing.— Haulage.— Pumping and Drainage.— Ventilation. — Cleaning and Sorting Coal. — Surveying, &c. " An abundance of information conveyed in a popular and attractive form. . . . Will b» of great use to all who are in any way interested in coal mining.
Page 4 - A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON BRIDGE-CONSTRUCTION: Being a Text-Book on the Construction of Bridges in Iron and Steel. FOR THE USE OF STUDENTS, DRAUGHTSMEN, AND ENGINEERS. BY T. CLAXTON FIDLER, M. INST. CE, Prof of Engineering, University College, Dundee".The new edition of Mr.
Page 4 - By S. ANGLIN, CE, Master of Engineering, Royal University of Ireland, late Whitworth Scholar, &c. "We can unhesitatingly recommend this work not only to the Student, as the BEST TEXT-BOOK on the subject, but also to the professional engineer as an EXCEEDINGLY VALUABLE book of reference.
Page 28 - Circulation and Convection.— Quantity of Heat; Specific Heat.— Conductivity.— Forms of Energy; Conservation ; Mechanical Equivalent of Heat.— The Kinetic Theory.— Change of State; Liquid, Vapour. — Critical Points. — Solids and Liquids. — Atmospheric Conditions.— Radiation.— Theory of Exchanges.— Radiation and Temperature.— Thermodynamics.— Isothermal and Adiabatic Changes.
Page 127 - According to this theory, hardening results from the formation at all the internal surfaces of slip or shear of mobile layers similar to those produced on the outer surface by polishing. These layers only retain their mobility for a very brief period and then solidify in a vitreous amorphous state, thus forming a cementing material at all surfaces of slip or shear throughout the mass.
Page 6 - Beams.— Pillars, Stanchions and Shafting. —Design of Structure. -Arches.— Graphic Statics.— Materials of Construction.— Engineering Foundations. — Brickwork and Masonry. — Walls. — Constructional Carpentering.— Road Materials.— Road Construction.— Reinforced Concrete Construction. — Masonry Bridges and River Work. — Hydraulics. — Land Drainage. — Pumping Machinery and Stations.— The Use of Water-Power. —Main Drainage.— Sewage Disposal.— Royal Commission on Sewage...
Page 26 - Lecturer on Colouring Matters in the Victoria University of Manchester. Part I. Theoretical. Part II. Practical. Part III. Analytical. " We have no hesitation in describing this treatise...

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