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W. Pickering, 1837 - 387 pages

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Page 10 - KING ALFRED'S ANGLO-SAXON VERSION of the Metres of Boethius, with an English Translation and Notes, by the Rev.
Page 3 - On the Power, Wisdom, and Goodness of God as manifested in the Adaptation of External Nature to the Moral and Intellectual Constitution of Man.
Page 10 - Testament!,' with 90 wood-cuts beautifully engraved. Crown 8vo. II. Is. A few copies printed entirety on India paper, 21. 2s. THE DANCE OF DEATH, exhibited in fifty-five elegant Engravings on Wood, with a Dissertation on the several Representations of that Subject; more particularly on those attributed to MACABER and HOLBEIN, by FRANCIS DOUCE, FSA 8vo.
Page 141 - Nor feel the breeze that round thee lingering strays, To drink thy balmy breath, And sigh one long farewell. Soon shall it mourn above thy wat'ry bed, And whisper to me, on the wave-beat shore, Deep murm'ring in reproach, Thy sad untimely fate. Ere those dear eyes had open'd on the light, In vain to plead, thy coming life was sold, O...
Page 2 - We are inclined to consider the English language as having attained that fulness of maturity which leaves no wish for increase, but only anxiety for preservation. As helps to this, we have the various acceptations, in which every word has been used by approved writers, collected by Mr. Richardson, in a Dictionary, such as...
Page 10 - GOOD THOUGHTS IN BAD TIMES, Good Thoughts in Worse Times, Mixt Contemplations in Better Times, by THOMAS FULLER, DD Author of the Church History, Worthies of England, &c.
Page 348 - While buoyantly he rushes o'er the lawn, Dream not of clouds to stain his manhood's dawn, Nor dim that sight with tears. No cloud he spies in brightly glowing hours, But feels as if the newly vested bowers For him could never fade : Too well we know that vernal pleasures fleet, But having him, so gladsome, fair, and sweet, Our loss is overpaid. « Amid the balmiest flowers that earth can give Some bitter drops distil, and all that live A mingled portion share ; But, while he learns these truths which...
Page 141 - O! wakened but to sleep, Whence it can wake no more! A thousand and a thousand silken leaves The tufted beech unfolds in early spring, All clad in tenderest green, All of the selfsame shape: A thousand infant faces, soft and sweet, Each year sends forth, yet every mother views Her last not least beloved Like its dear self alone. No musing mind hath ever yet foreshaped The face to-morrow's sun shall first reveal, No heart hath e'er conceived What love that face will bring. O sleep, my babe, nor heed...
Page 7 - SPECIMENS OF THE EARLY POETRY OF FRANCE, from the Time of the Troubadours and Trouveres to the Reign of Henri Quatre, by LOUISA STUART COSTELLO.
Page 3 - On the Power, Wisdom, and Goodness of God, as manifested in the Creation; illustrating such work by all reasonable arguments, as for instance the variety and formation of God's creatures in the animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms; the effect of digestion, and thereby of conversion; the construction of the hand of man, and an infinite variety of other arguments...

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