Defences of Unitarianism for the Year 1786-, Volume 2

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author, 1788

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Page 57 - Christ's actual ascent into heaven, or of his imagining that he had been carried up thither in a vision, which, like that of St. Paul, he had not been able to distinguish from a reality. Nay, he would not build an article of faith of such magnitude on the correctness of John's recollection, and representation of our Lord's language ; and so strange and incredible does the hypothesis of a pre-existent...
Page 4 - is one God, and one mediator hetween God and men, the man Christ Jesus ; Ver.
Page 67 - ... Testament. I believe all the writers, without exception, to have been men of the greatest probity, and to have been well informed of every thing of consequence, of which they treat ; but, at the same time I believe them to have been men, and consequently fallible, and liable to mistake with respect to things to which they had not given much attention, or concerning which they had not the means of exact information ; which I take to be the case with respect to the account that Moses has given...
Page 44 - was rich, yet for our fakes he became " poor, that we through his poverty
Page 128 - ... that nothing less can justify subscription to the Thirty-nine Articles, than the actual belief of each and every separate proposition contained in them, must suppose, that the legislature expected the consent of ten thousand men, and that in perpetual succession, not to one controverted proposition, but to many hundreds. It is difficult to conceive how this could be expected by any, who observed the incurable diversity of human opinion upon all subjects short of demonstration.
Page 108 - ' image.' The plural is frequently applied to one only ; " and the language of consultation is evidently used in condescension to human...
Page 66 - Scriptural authority : but indeed, my friend, you should have expressed yourself with more caution. No man can pay a higher regard to proper scriptural authority, than I do ; but neither I, nor, I presume, yourself, believe implicitly every thing that is advanced by any writer in the Old or New Testament.

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