The Progress of Ethnology: An Account of Recent Archaeological, Philological and Geographical Researches in Various Parts of the Globe, Tending to Elucidate the Physical History of Man

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American Ethnological Society, 1847 - 151 pages

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Page 98 - I am Darius, the great king, the king of kings, the king of Persia, the king of (the dependent) provinces, the son of Hystaspes, the grandson of Arsames, the Achffimenian.
Page 99 - Egypt, the state became heretical ; then the lie became abounding in the land, both in Persia and in Media, and in the other provinces.
Page 113 - January in each year returns (prepared according to the form appended to this resolution) of students who may be fitted, according to their several degrees of merit and capacity, for such of the various public offices as, with reference to their age, abilities, and other circumstances, they may be deemed qualified to fill.
Page 98 - Says Darius, the king: My father was Hystaspes; of Hystaspes, the father was Arsames; of Arsames, the father was Ariyaramnes; of Ariyaramnes, the father was Teispes ; of Teispes, the father was Achaemenes. Says Darius the king : On that account we are called Achaemenians. From antiquity we have descended; from antiquity those of our race have been kings.
Page 34 - Poongwee language, ie the language of those parts. " It is one of the most perfect languages of which they have any knowledge. It is not so remarkable for copiousness of words as for its great and almost unlimited flexibility.
Page 98 - Says Darius the King : — There are eight of my race who have been kings before me, I am the ninth ; for a very long time
Page 78 - I saw several which had been sunk to the depth of forty feet. A channel from this fountain-head is then, with a very slight descent, bored in the direction in which it is to be conveyed, leaving apertures at regular distances, to afford light and air to those who are occasionally sent to keep it clean. In this manner water is frequently conducted from a distance of six or eight miles, and an unlimited supply is thus obtained. These channels are usually about four feet broad, and two feet deep, and...
Page 98 - Baghistan he addressed himself, in the style of an historian, to collect the genealogical traditions of his race, to describe the extent and power of his kingdom, and to relate, with a perspicuous brevity worthy of imitation, the leading incidents of his reign. We are hardly prepared...
Page 68 - A VISIT TO THE ANTIPODES, With some REMINISCENCES OF A SOJOURN IN AUSTRALIA. By A SQUATTER. In one vol. fcap. 8vo., with Illustrations, price 5s.
Page 99 - These are the countries which have come to me ; by the grace of Ormazd they have become subject to me ; they have brought tribute to me. That which has been said unto them by me, both by night and by day it has been performed by them.

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