Proceedings of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Volume 41

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Page xxx - The objects of the Association are, by periodical and migratory meetings, to promote intercourse between those who are cultivating science in different parts of...
Page 312 - The law of mind as it operates in society as an aid to competition and in the interest of the individual is essentially immoral. It rests primarily on the principle of deception. It is an extension to other human beings of the method applied to the animal world by which the latter was subjected to man. This method was that of the ambush and the snare. Its ruling principle was cunning. Its object was to deceive, circumvent, ensnare, and capture. Low animal cunning was succeeded by more refined kinds...
Page 150 - Principles of Geology'] I conceived the idea of classing the whole of this series of strata according to the different degrees of affinity which their fossil Testacea bore to the living forms. Having obtained information on this subject during my travels on the continent, I learned that M. Deshayes of Paris, already celebrated as a Conchologist, had been led independently, by the study of a large collection of recent and fossil shells, to very similar views respecting the possibility of arranging...
Page 118 - J. The whole will also be issued independently. Prof. Charles E. Munroe announces Part II of his Index to the Literature of Explosives, to be published shortly. Dr. HC Bolton's Select Bibliography of Chemistry has been accepted by the Smithsonian Institution for its Miscellaneous Collections and is in the hands of printers. H. CARRINGTON BOLTON, Chairman, FW CLARKE, ALBERT R. LEEDS, ALEXIS A. JULIEN, JOHN W. LANGLEY, ALBERT B. PRESCOTT, ALFRED TOCKERMAN.
Page 29 - Royal was established in 1765, the duty of the incumbent was declared to be " to apply himself with the most exact care and diligence to the rectifying the Tables of the Motions of the Heavens, and the places of the Fixed Stars in order to find out the so much desired Longitude at Sea for the perfecting -the Art of Navigation.
Page 206 - highly complex structure conferring upon it the power of developing into a complex organism," and heredity was further explained "by supposing that In each ontogeny a part of the specific germ plasma contained In the parent egg-cell is not used up in the construction of the body of the offspring, but is preserved unchanged for the formation of the germ cells of the following generation." Again he says, "The germ plasma, or idioplasm of the germ cell (if this latter term is preferred), certainly possesses...
Page 311 - ... for all forms that succeed in surviving. This is made clear by the fact that wherever competition is wholly removed, as through the agency of man in the interest of any one form, that form immediately begins to make great strides and soon outstrips all those that depend upon competition. Such has been the case with all the cereals and fruit trees...
Page 163 - New York, in the midst of which it lay. Further analysis of the fauna led to the discovery that the species peculiar to it apparently had their ancestors in the middle Devonian of Europe rather than in any middle Devonian of America. With this stage of progress I examined the fauna peculiar to the Tully limestone. Much confusion had been thrown about it by the publication of a large number of species as "known
Page 10 - The science classes in preparatory schools should make an acquaintance with scientific literature in this form. If scholars be assigned exercises which compel reference reading, they will gain a beginning of that accomplishment too often neglected, even in college, how to use books. The library is a necessity of the laboratory. Indeed, there is much in common between what is called the laboratory method, and what might be called the library method, in college training. The educational laboratory...
Page 206 - Foster tells us that what is really meant by the phrase, " living substance, is not a thing, or body, of a particular chemical composition, but matter undergoing a series of changes." These metabolic changes are brought about, in the main, at the expense of energy, and they represent in fact successive transformations of energy from the active to the potential form, and a final reconversion to heat, which leaves the body in various ways.

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