Publications of the American Statistical Association, Volume 14

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The Association, 1916
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Page 69 - I cannot think of any other standard appropriate than the normal needs of the average employee, regarded as a human being living in a civilized community.
Page 62 - The thing you ask of me is both difficult and useless. Although I have passed all my days in this place, I have neither counted the houses nor have I inquired into the number of the inhabitants ; and as to what one person loads on his mules, and the other stows away in the bottom of his ship, that is no business of mine. But, above all, as to the previous history of this city, God only knows the amount of dirt and confusion that the infidels may have eaten before the coming of the sword of Islam....
Page 119 - This report is a summary of the conclusions of a committee appointed by the Section on Vital Statistics of the American Public Health Association to consider the question of the accuracy of certified causes of death and their relation to mortality statistics and the International List of Causes of Death.
Page 55 - Multiplying or dividing both terms of a ratio by the same number does not change the value of the ratio.
Page 4 - States, the suggestion presents itself whether the scope of the measure might not be usefully extended by causing it to embrace authentic statistical returns of the great interests specially intrusted to, or necessarily affected by, the legislation of Congress.
Page 51 - ratio of preventability " is the fraction of all deaths which ivoiild "be avoided if knowledge now existing among well-informed men in the medical profession were actually applied in a reasonable way and to a reasonable extent.
Page 82 - Where possible represent quantities by linear magnitudes, as areas or volumes are more likely to be misinterpreted. 3. For a curve, the vertical scale, whenever practicable, should be so selected that the zero line will appear on the diagram. 4. If the zero line of the vertical scale will not normally appear on the curve diagram, the zero line should be shown by the use of a horizontal break in the diagram.
Page 42 - Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York. Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin, and Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands of the United States, and the Panama Canal Zone.
Page 119 - On motion, duly made and seconded, it was voted to accept the report of the treasurer and report of the auditors, and to publish the same in the proceedings of the meeting.
Page 83 - When the scale of a diagram refers to dates, and the period represented is not a complete unit, it is better not to emphasize the first and last ordinates, since such a diagram does not represent the beginning or end of time.

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