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E.W. Metcalf, 1830

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Page 539 - A Memorial, containing a summary view of facts, with their authorities, in answer to the observations sent by the English Ministry to the Courts of Europe.
Page 915 - A Short Story of the Rise, reign and ruin of the Antinomians, Familists and Libertines, that infected the Churches of New England, and how they were confuted by the Assembly of Ministers there.
Page 594 - An Account of Reason and Faith in relation to the Mysteries of Christianity.
Page 657 - Declaration of the Warrantable Grounds and Proceedings of the First Associates of the Government of, &c.
Page 501 - Maddock's Treatise on the Principles and Practice of the High Court of Chancery.
Page 810 - Discourse concerning the necessity of Reformation, with respect to the errors and corruptions of the church of Rome,
Page 875 - CORRESPONDENCE between JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, Esquire, President of the UNITED STATES, and several Citizens of Massachusetts, concerning the Charge of a Design to dissolve the UNION alleged to have existed in that State.
Page 870 - States, and the Constitutions of the several states comprising the Union. pp. 409. 12° boards, uncut. Washington, 1820 856 CONSTITUTIONS (The) of the several Independent States of America; the Declaration of Independence; the Articles of Confederation between the said States; the Treaties between His Most Christian Majesty and the United States of America.
Page 784 - A / Comparative View / of the / Constitutions / of the / Several States With Each Other, and With That / Of The United States : / exhibiting in / Tables / The prominent Features of each Constitution, / and classing together their most important provisions under the / several heads of administration; / with / Notes and Observations.
Page 671 - Imagination in, examined ; and the Opinion that Marks and Deformities in Children arise from thence, demonstrated to be a Vulgar Error.

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