Register of Arts, and Journal of Patent Inventions, Volume 1

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Luke Herbert
G. Herbert, 1824
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Page 223 - France by a mixture of apples and flour, in the proportion of one of the former to two of the latter. The usual...
Page 348 - ... of a size somewhat smaller than the paper. Turn up the edges of the paper, and paste them on the back of the slate, and then allow the paper to dry gradually. Wet, as before, three more sheets of the same kind of paper, and paste them on the others, one at a time ; cut off with a knife what projects beyond the edges of the slate, and when the whole has become perfectly dry, wrap a small...
Page 70 - Its similarity to the other globes of the solar system with regard to its solidity, its atmosphere, and its diversified surface...
Page 118 - Now know ye, that in compliance with the said proviso, I, the said Arthur Howe Holdsworth, do hereby declare that the nature of my said invention, and the manner in which the same is to be performed, are particularly tiescribed and ascertained in and by the following description thereof, reference being had to the drawing hereunto annexed, and to the figures and letters marked thereon...
Page 4 - A considerable incision was at the same time made in the left hip, through the great glutteal muscle so as to bring the sciatic nerve into sight, and a small cut was made in the heel, from neither of these did any blood flow; the pointed rod connected with one end of the battery was now placed in contact with the spinal marrow while the other rod was applied to the sciatic nerve. Every muscle of the body was immediately agitated with convulsive movements resembling a violent shuddering from cold...
Page 4 - ... top of the plates in the last trough of either pole, the other wire being steadily immersed in the last cell of the opposite pole, I had immediate recourse to this method. The success of it was truly wonderful. Full, nay, laborious breathing instantly commenced. The chest heaved, and fell; the belly was protruded, and again collapsed, with the relaxing and retiring diaphragm.
Page 86 - The saws of the Grecian carpenters had the same form, and were made in the like ingenious manner as ours are at present. This is fully shown by a painting still preserved among the antiquities of Herculaneum.* Two genii are represented at the end of a bench,, which consists of a long table that rests upon two four-footed stools.
Page 5 - ... the elbow : the fingers now moved nimbly, like those of a violin performer ; an assistant, who tried to close the fist, found the hand to open forcibly, in spite of his efforts.
Page 148 - The flavour of malt spirits is said to be highly improved, by putting three ounces and a half of finely powdered charcoal, and four ounces and a half of ground rice, into a quart of spirits, and letting it stand during fifteen days, frequently stirring it ; then let the liquor be strained, and it will be found nearly of the same flavour as brandy.
Page 83 - ... screw. C, an aperture for supplying oil, fitted with a screw or cork, and which communicates with the bottom of the cistern by a tube ; and a central aperture for the wick.

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