The speeches in both houses of parliament, on the question of reform in the representation of the people

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Page 170 - I know not what ; — and you have not only disjointed yourselves but the whole Nation, which is in likelihood of running into more confusion in these fifteen or sixteen days that you have sat, than it hath been from the rising of the last Session to this day. Through the intention of devising a Commonwealth again ! That some people might be the men that might rule all ! And they are endeavouring to engage the Army to carry that thing. — And hath that man been
Page 491 - There is the moral of all human tales ; « 'Tis but the same rehearsal of the past, First Freedom, and then Glory — when that fails, Wealth, vice, corruption, — barbarism at last And History, with all her volumes vast, Hath but one page...
Page 368 - That sly-boots was cursedly cunning to hide 'em. Here lies our good Edmund, whose genius was such, We scarcely can praise it, or blame it too much ; Who, born for the Universe, narrow'd his mind, And to party gave up what was meant for mankind.
Page vi - Monday following, when he shall openly break the seals thereon, and cast up the number of votes as they appear on the said several books, and shall openly declare the state of the poll, and shall make proclamation of the member or members chosen, not later than two o'clock in the afternoon of the said day.
Page 149 - Chester is and hath been always hitherto exempt, excluded, and separated out and from your high court of Parliament, to have any knights and burgesses within the said court; by reason whereof the said inhabitants have hitherto sustained manifold disherisons, losses, and damages, as well in their lands, goods, and bodies, as in the good, civil, and politic governance and maintenance of the Commonwealth of their said country.
Page iii - Parliament, every Male Person of full Age, and not subject to any legal Incapacity, who shall occupy, within such City or Borough, or within any Place sharing in...
Page ii - ... shall be chosen in the same manner, and by the same classes and descriptions of voters, and in respect of the same several rights of voting, as if each of the said divisions were a separate county...
Page 386 - I ask, sir, could this state of things be suffered to exist, and what course were we to pursue? Perhaps I shall be told, as I was on a former occasion, in forcible, though familiar language, that 'This is the old story! that all this has been so for the last twenty years, and that therefore there is no reason for a change.
Page vi - That all Laws, Statutes, and Usages now in force respecting the Election of Members to serve in Parliament for that Part of the United Kingdom called England and Wales shall be and remain, and are hereby declared to be and remain, in full Force...
Page 57 - I reflect, with the highest satisfaction, on the loyalty and affectionate attachment of the great body of my people. I am confident that they justly appreciate the full advantage of that happy form of Government under which, through the favour of Divine Providence, this country has enjoyed for a long succession of years ; a greater share of internal peace, of commercial prosperity, of true liberty, of all that constitutes social happiness, than has fallen to the lot of any other country of the world.

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