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[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Ezekiel Bacon,

David Bard,

William T. Barry,
Burwell Bassett,
William W. Bibb,
Robert Brown,
Matthew Clay,
James Cochran,
William Crawford,
Richard Cutts,
John Dawson,
Joseph Deshia,
John W. Eppes,
Jonathan Fisk,
Meshack Franklin,
David S. Garland,
Thomas Gholson,
Peterson Goodwyn,
Daniel Heister,
William Helms,
James Holland,
Richard M. Johnson,

William Kennedy,
Aaron Lyle,

Samuel McKee,

Alexander M‹Kim, .
Samuel L. Mitchill,
Gurdon S. Mumford,
Thomas Newton,
John Nicholson,
John Porter,
Peter B. Porter,

John Rhea, (Tennessee,)
Matthias Richards,

John Roane,

Erastus Root,

Ebenezer Sage,

Thomas Sammons,

Ebenezer Seaver,

Samuel Shaw,

John Smilie,
Samuel Smith,
John Thompson,
Uri Tracy,

George M. Troup,
Charles Turner, junior,

Robert Weakley,

Robert Whitehill,

Richard Winn.

The House then adjourned until to-morrow morn

ing, eleven o'clock.

TUESDAY, December 18, 1810.

Another member, to wit: From Massachusetts, Barzillai Gannett, appeared and took his set. George Poindexter, the delegate from the Mississippi territory, also appeared and took his seat.

Mr. Seybert presented a petition of the merchants of the city of Philadelphia, praying that Congress will authorize the importation of goods into the United States from places beyond the cape of Good Hope, after the second day of February next, any thing in the act of the last session concerning the commercial intercourse between the United States and Great Britain and France to the contrary notwithstanding.

Ordered, That the said petition be referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations.

On a motion made and leave given by the House, Mr. Newton, from the Committee of Commerce and Manufactures, presented a bill for the relief of George Armroyd and company, which was received and read the first time.

On motion,

The said bill was read the second time, and committed to a committee of the whole House, to-mor


Ordered, That the report of the Committee of Commerce and Manufactures, made at the last session, on the petition of George Armroyd and company, be referred to the same committee of the whole House.

Mr. Findley presented a petition of the stockholders of the Bank of the United States, signed by David Lenox their president, praying the renewal of their charter of incorporation, which was read and ordered to be referred to a select committee, to consider and report thereon to the House.

Mr. Burwell, Mr. Findley, Mr. Southard, Mr. Mitchill, Mr. Franklin, Mr. Butler, Mr. J. C. Chamberlain, Mr. W. Chamberlin, Mr. Moseley, Mr.

N. R. Moore, Mr. Miller, Mr. Smelt, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Morrow, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Gannett and Mr. Poindexter, were then appointed the said committee. On motion of Mr. Johnson,

Ordered, That the petition of Betsey B. Steele and Robert Bealle, presented the twenty-ninth of November, one thousand eight hundred and eight, be referred to the Committee of Claims.

A motion was made by Mr. Pearson, and seconded, that the House do come to the following resolution :

Resolved, That a committee be appointed to inquire into the conduct of brigadier general James Wilkinson, in relation to his having at any time, whilst in the service of the United States, corruptly received money from the government of Spain or its agents, or in relation to his having, during the time aforesaid, been an accomplice, or in any way concerned with the agents of any foreign power, or with Aaron Burr, in a project against the dominions of the king of Spain, or to dismember these United States. And that the said committee inquire generally into the conduct of the said James Wilkinson, as brigadier general of the army of the United States; that the said committee have power to send for persons and papers and compel their attendance and production, and that the said James Wilkinson be notified by the committee of the time and place of their sitting and be heard in his defence; and that they report the result of their inquiry to this House.

A motion was made by Mr. Root, that the said resolution do lie on the table.

And the question thereon being taken,

It was determined in the negative,

S Yeas 35.

Nays 78.

The yeas and nays being demanded by one fifth of

the members present,

[blocks in formation]

Lemuel J. Alston,

Willis Alston, jun.
William Anderson,
Ezekiel Bacon,
William T. Barry,
Abijah Bigelow,
Daniel Blaisdell,
Adam Boyd,

James Breckenridge,
William A. Burwell,
William Butler,
John C. Chamberlain,
William Chamberlin,
F.paphroditus Champion,
Martin Chittenden,
Howell Cobb,

James Cochran,
Richard Cutts,

John Davenport, junior.
Joseph Desha,
William Ely,
James Emott,

William Findley,

Barzillai Gannett.
Gideon Gardner.

David S. Garland,

Charles Goldsborough.

Peterson Goodwyn,

Thomas R. Gold,

Edwin Gray,

Daniel Heister,

Jonathan H. Hubbard,
Ebenezer Huntington,
Richard Jackson, junior,
Robert Jenkins,
William Kennedy,
Joseph Lewis, junior,
Robert Le Roy Livingston.

Aaron Lyle,

Vincent Matthews,

Archibald M'Bryde,

Pleasant M. Miller,

William Milnor,

Samuel L. Mitchill,
Thomas Moore,

Jonathan O. Moseley,

Thomas Newton,

Joseph Pearson,

Timothy Pitkin, junior,

Peter B. Porter,

Elisha R. Potter,

[blocks in formation]

A motion was made by Mr. Love, and the question being put that the said resolution be postponed until


It was determined in the negative.

A motion was then made by Mr. Stanford, to strike out therefrom the following words:

"And that the said James Wilkinson be notified by the committee of the time and place of their sitting, and be heard in his defence."

And on the question to strike out as recited,

It was determined in the negative,

S Yeas 20

Nay's 89

The yeas and nays being demanded by one fifth of

the members present,

Those who voted in the affirmative, are

[blocks in formation]
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