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the Act of Parliament, of the fourteenth year of our Reign, formaking more effectual provision for the Government of Quebec; and no person whatever is to have Holy Orders conferred upon him, or to have the cure of souls, without a licensé for that purpose first had and obtained from you.

3d.-That no person professing the religion of the Church of Rome be allowed to fill any ecclesiastical benefice, orto have or enjoy any of the rights or profits belonging thereto, who is not a Canadian by birth (such only excepted as are hot in possession of any such benefice), and who is not appointed by Us or under Our authority; and that all right or claim of right in any other person whatever, to nominate, present or appoint to any vacant benefice, other than such as may lay claim to the patronage of benefices as a civil right, be absolutely abolished; no person to hold more than one benefice, or at least not more than can be reasonably served by one and the same incumbent.

4thly, That no person whatever professing the religion of the Church of Rome, be appointed incumbent of any parish, in which the majority of the inhabitants shall solicit the appointment of a Protestant minister; and entitled to all tythes payable within such parish;, bnt nevertheless the Roman Catholics may have the use of the Church for the free exercise of their religion, at such times, as may not interfere with the religious worship of the Protestants; and in like manner the Protestant inhabitants of every parish, where the majority of the parishioners are Roman Catholics, shall notwithstanding have the free use of the Church for the exercise of their Religion, at such times, as may not interfere with the religious worship of the Roman Catholics.

5thly, That no incumbent professing the Religion of the Church of Rome appointed to any Parish, shall be entitled to receive any tythes for lands or possessions occupied by a Protestant, but such tythes shall be received by such persons as you shall appoint, and shall be reserved in the hands of our Receiver General as aforesaid, for the support of our Protestant Clergy in our said Province, to be actually resident within the same, and not otherwise, according to such directions as you shall receive from us in that behalf; and in like manner all growing rents, or profits of a vacant benefice, shall during sucht vacancy be reserved for and applied to the like uses.

6thly,That all persons professing the religion of the Church of Rome, who already possessed or may liereafter be appointed to any Ecclesiastical benefice; or who may be licen ced to exercise any power or authority in respect thereto, do

take and subscribe before you in Council, or before such person as you shall appoint to administer the same, the Oath required to be taken and subscribed by aforesaid Act of Parliament passed in the 14th year of Our Reign, intituled, « An Act for making more effectual Provisions for the Government of the Province of Quebec in North America. »

7thly. That all incumbents of parishes professing the Romish religion, not being under the Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the Bishops of Quebec, shall hold their respective benefices during their good behaviour, subject however, in any case of any conviction for criminal offence, or upon due proof of seditious attempts to disturb the peace and tranquillity of our Government, to be deprived or suspended by you.

8thly. That such Ecclesiastics as may think fit to enter into the holy state of matrimony, shall be released from all penalties, to which they may have been subjected in such cases, by any authority of the See of Rome.

9thly. That freedom of the burial of the dead in the churches and church-yards be allowed indiscriminately to every Christian persuasion.

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1othly. That the Royal Family be prayed for in all churches and places of public worship, in such manner and form as is used in this kingdom; and that our arms and insignia be put up not only in all such Churches and places of holy worship, but also in all Courts of Justice; and that the arms of France be taken down in every such Church or Court, where they may at present remain.

11thly. That the society of Romish Priests, called the Seminaries of Quebec and Montreal, shall continue to possess and occupy their house of residence, and all other houses and lands to which they were lawfully entitled on the 13th of September, 1759; and it shall be lawful for those societies to fill up the vacancies, and admit new members, according to the rules of their foundation, and to educate youth in order to qualify them for the service of parochial cures, as they shall become vacant. It is nevertheless our will and pleasure, that not only those seminaries but all other religious communities, so long as the same shall continue to be subject to visitation by you, our Governor, or such other person or persons as you shall appoint for that purpose, and also subject to such regulations as you shall, with the advice and consent of the said Executive council think fit to establish and appoint.

12thly. It is our will and pleasure, that all other religious seminaries and communities (that of the Jesuits only excepted)

do for the present, and until we can be more fully informed of the true state of them, and how far they are, or are not essential to the free exercise of the religion of the Church of Rome, as allowed within our said province, remain upon their present establishment-but you are not to allow the admission of any new members into any of the said societies, (the religious communities of women only excepted,) without our express orders for that purpose :-That the Society of Jesuits be suppressed and dissolved, and no longer continued as a body corporate or politic, and all their rights, possessions, and property, shall be vested in us, for such purposes as we may hereafter think fit to declare our Royal intention to be:-That the present members of the said society, as established in Quebec, shall be allowed sufficient stipends and provisions during their natural lives ; -That all Missionaries amongst the Indians, whether established under the authority of or appointed by the Jesuits, or by any other ecclesiastical authority of the Romish Church, be withdrawn by degrees, and at such times and in such manner as shall be satisfactory to the said Indians, and consistent with the public safety, and Protestant Missionaries appointed in their places; --That all ecclesiastical persons whatever of the church of Rome be inhibited, upon pain of deprivation, from influencing any person in the making of a will; from inveigling Protestants to become Papists, or from tampering with them in matters of religion; and the Romish Priests to be forbidden to inveigh in their sermons against the religion of the church of England.


N°. IV.

Dilectis filiis universis catholicis in Belgio Batavo commorantibus.



Inter maximas, quæ undiquè ad nos mittuntur pro felici faustoque nostro ad sedem apostolicam reditu gratulationes: dum solemnes ubiquè gratiæ Deo O. M. aguntur, quod sævissimam illam, quæ non ecclesiam modo, sed totam prorsus Europam obrutura videbatur, tempestatem sedaverit : in mediis catholi corum episcoporum officiis, quibus obsequium, et obedientiam nobis suam certatim testantur: ecce ingratissimæ Willibrordi Van Os litteræ nobis redduntur, quibus se in archiepiscopa tum Ultrajectensem electum die decimo februarii hujus anni, et quod longè gravius est, die 24 aprilis à Gisberto de Jong Da ventriensi inter suos nuncupato episcopo consecratum fuisse nobis impudentissimè significare ausus est. Luctuosus hujus modi nuncius acerbissimam Ultrajectensis schismatis memoriam refricavit, ct infelicem tot laborum exitum quibus illud extinguere summi pontifices predecessores nostri, nosque ipsi plus unâ vice conati sumus, in mentem intimo eâ re dolore perculsam reduxit. Quod autem Willibrordi facinus nullo pacto per se ferendum vehementissimè auget, est callidus ille, fucatusque scribendi modus, quo veteratorum sui similium consuetas artes imitatus, aut fallere nos, aut saltem demulcere aggressus est. Suum enim erga sanctam hanc sedem obsequium, suamque in nos venerationem officiosis, conceptisque verbis profitetur, ad nostros denique pedes provolutus apostolicam à nobis benedictionem efflagitat. Inter has autem inanium verborum blanditias apostolicæ sedis jura factis conculcat, sacrarum legum sanctiones apertè violat, venerandam ecclesiæ disciplinamı nefariè corrumpit, et irrogatas toties sui similibus camdem ob causam panas procassissimè aspernatur.

Quæ cum ita sint, apostolico, quo immerentes fungimur, muneri nimis deesse merito videremur, si Willibrordi scelus, illorum, qui suppetias in eo patrando illi tulerunt, sceleribus cumulatum sileremus, et inultum abire pateremur. Ex hâc igitur apostolicæ sedis speculâ vocem juxta illud clama ne cesses attolimus, vobisque, dilecti filii, in quorum conspectu hæc tam indignè facta, non sine vestrâ procul dubio execratione contigerunt, universæque simul ecclesiæ, auctoritate divinitus nobis demandatâ declaramus atque decernimus, tam electionem ejusdem Willibrordi Van Os in archiepiscopum Ultrajectensem illicitam, irritam, ac nullam, quam ejus consecrationem esse illegitimam ac sacrilegam, contraque sacrarum legum sanctionem factam : memoratumque Gisbertum de Jong consecratorem, et ipsum Willibrordum Van Os electum, electum consecratumque, omnesque eos qui partem in nefariâ electione habuerunt; quique tam electioni, quam consecrationi opem; operam, consensum, consiliumque quomodolibet præstiterunt, excommunicamus, anathematizamus, atque ab ecclesiæ communione segregatos, et prorsus schismaticos habendos, et vitandos esse pronunciamus, constituimus, et mandamus: prætereà dictum Van Os declaramus ab omni exercitio corum, quæ juresdictionis sunt, et quæ ordinis esse suspensum eidemque idcircò interdicimus sub pænâ excommunicationis ipso facto, sinè ullâ declaratione incurrendæ, ne ullo pacto chrisma conficere, sacramentum confirmationis conferre, clericos ordinare, aut alia quæcunque sunt episcopalis ordinis, exercere valeat, decernentes insuper vacuos, inanes, nulliusque roboris prorsus, ac momenti omnes et singulos alios actùs, quos attentare præsumpserit. Qui verò ab ipso ecclesiasticis ordinibus initiati fuerint, noverint suspensionis vinculo se obstrictos esse, atque irregularitati propterea obnoxios, si susceptos ordines exer


Inviolabilis ecclesiæ catholicæ unitas indubitata, sedis apostolicæ jurisdictio, sacrarum legum, disciplinæque ecclesiasticæ à novatorum ausibus vindicandæ studium ad hanc in Willibrordum Van Os, ejusque socios animadversionem nos adegerunt. Quantò libentiùs eos, si facti sui poenitentes inconsutilem Christi vestem lacerare desinerent, apostolicis gratiis cumularemus! Quod esset nostrum gaudium si devias ab ovilį oves reducere, et exitiosos quibus miserè laborant morbos sanare nobis contingeret! Hoc à cælesti pastorum Principe assiduè petimus, hoc ipsum, dilecti filii, ab eodem petitote, ut scilicet refractariorum hominum mentes illustret, obstinatam voluntatem flectat, induratum cor molliat, atque ad catholicam

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