The American Journal of Science and Arts

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S. Converse, 1873
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Page xxvii - Tables and Results of the Precipitation, in Rain and Snow, in the United States, and at some stations in adjacent parts of North America, and in Central and South America.
Page 387 - Colorado Rocky Mountains was first opened. That age and fast-failing strength had not dimmed his enjoyment, may be inferred from his remark when, on his return from Florida the previous spring, with a grievous cough allayed, he was rallied for having gone to seek Ponce de Leon's Fountain of Youth. " No," said he, "give me the fountain of old age. The longer I live, the more I enjoy life.
Page 450 - Analysis, as applied to the Examination of Medicinal Chemicals and their Preparations. Being a Guide for the Determination of their Identity and Quality, and for the Detection of Impurities and Adulterations. For the. use of Pharmacists, Physicians, Druggists and Manufacturing Chemists, and Pharmaceutical and Medical Students.
Page xxvii - RESULTS of a Series of METEOROLOGICAL OBSERVATIONS made under instructions from the Regents of the University at sundry Stations in the State of New York.
Page 236 - ... spark passes. Photographs of the spark, taken in air between zinc and cadmium and zinc and tin, accompany the paper, showing that when spectra of the vapours given off by electrodes are studied in this manner, the vapours close to the electrode give lines which disappear from the spectrum of the vapour at a greater distance from the electrode, so that there appear to be long and short lines in the spectrum. The following elements have been mapped on this method : — Na, Li, Mg, Al, Mn, Co, Ni,...
Page 76 - ... edges, and undoubtedly not double. The line of nitrogen when compared with it appeared double, and each component nebulous and broader than the line of the nebula. This latter line was seen on several nights to be apparently coincident with the middle of the less refrangible line of the double line of nitrogen.
Page 226 - In winter it becomes encased in ice, and forms a huge translucent chimney, through which, at regular intervals of one minute, a mingled current of gas and water rushes to twice its height. By cutting through this chimney at the base and igniting the gas in a paroxysm, it affords a magnificent spectacle — a fountain of water and fire which brilliantly illuminates the ice chimney.
Page 348 - Such an increase of temperature would be much less than that usually supposed necessary for producing metamorphism; and it is extremely doubtful if any portion now exposed to observation ever reached a temperature much above that of boiling water. We must, therefore, look to some other agency than heat ° for the production of the phenomena [of metamorphism...
Page 237 - It was found in all cases that the difference between the spectrum of the chloride and the spectrum of the metal was that under the same spark-conditions all the short lines were obliterated. Changing the spark-conditions, the final result was that only the very longest lines in the spectrum of the metallic vapour remained. It was observed that in the case of elements with low atomic weights, combined with one equivalent of chlorine, the numbers of lines which remain in the chloride is large, 60...
Page 389 - California. Another species had already been recognized in Japan, and lately a fourth in the mountains of Northern China. All four of them have been introduced and are greatly prized as ornamental trees in Europe. So that, all round the world, Torreya taxifolia, Torreya...

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