Proceedings of the Canadian Institute, Volume 2

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Copp, Clark & Company, 1884
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Page 36 - ... That gravity should be innate, inherent and essential to matter, so that one body may act upon another at a distance through a vacuum, without the mediation of anything else, by and through which their action and force may be conveyed from one to another, is to me so great an absurdity, that I believe no man who has in philosophical matters a competent faculty of thinking, can ever fall into it.
Page 51 - President in the chair. The minutes of last meeting were read and confirmed. The following gentlemen were elected members of the Institute : — HH Langton, BA, Charles Miles, CE, S.
Page 30 - I hold it to be a position equally clear and sound, that, in such case, it will be the duty of the court to adhere to the constitution, and to declare the act null and void. The constitution is the basis of legislative authority; it lies at the foundation of all law, and is a rule and commission by which both legislators and judges are to proceed.
Page 219 - March 29th, the President in the Chair. The minutes of last meeting were read and confirmed. The following list of donations and exchanges received since last meeting, was read : 1.
Page 180 - Celtic. These Celtic names are all of the most characteristic Erse type. It would appear that not a single colonist from Wales ever reached the island, which, from the mountains of Carnarvon, is seen like a faint blue cloud upon the water. There are ninety-six names beginning with Balla...
Page 176 - Nahri are united in the Assyrian inscriptions, so, in Basque geography, are Guipuzcoa and Navarre. The Scythic Neuri of Herodotus were probably members of the same family. The Niquirans, who are Aztecs, settled in Nicaragua, preserve the ancient name but have hardened the aspirate into a guttural. More than thirty years ago that veteran ethnologist, Dr. Latham, wrote the following : •' The Kamskadale, the Koriak, the AiuoJapanese, and the Korean, are the Asiatic languages most like those of America,.
Page 72 - That where the muscles of the corresponding parts on opposite sides of the body constantly act in concert, and act independently, either not at all, or with difficulty, the nerve-nuclei of these muscles are so connected by commissural fibres as to be pro tanto a single nucleus. This combined nucleus will have a set of fibres from each corpus striatum, and...
Page 185 - Celtic language, which was probably to all intents and purposes the same as that of the Gauls. These later invaders called themselves Brittones, and seized on the best portions of Britain, driving the Goidelic Celts before them to the west and north of the island; and it is the language of these retreating Goidels of Britain that we have in the old inscriptions, and not of Goidelic invaders from Ireland.
Page 185 - Their neighbours call them Welshmen. Welsh, or Walsch, is not a proper name, but a Teutonic term signifying " strangers," and was applied to all persons who were not of that family ; but the proper name of these people is " Kymry." They are the last remnant of the Kimmerioi of Homer, and of the Kymry...
Page 75 - Yet I doubt not through the ages one increasing purpose runs, And the thoughts of men are widened with the process of the suns.

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