Cosmopolitan Recollections, Volume 2

Front Cover
Ward and Downey, 1889

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Page 112 - ... Mercedes standing on her table. Involuntarily he drew nearer, and as he gazed on the beloved features a soft voice, half-choked with emotion, murmured at his side, " My dearest wish is to resemble her in all things, for if I must succeed her, I dare not hope to replace her." The King did not answer, but the next morning she received a note, written in warm and heartfelt words, in which he told her that she had wrought a miracle, touched a hidden chord he had believed silent for evermore, and...
Page 262 - GW Appleton, Frank Barrett, Robert Buchanan, Mrs. Lovett Cameron, Mabel Collins, Mrs. BM Croker, JD Delille, Richard Dowling, Charles Du Val, BL Farjeon, George Manville Fenn, Somerville Gibney, James Grant, Victor Hugo, Bret Harte, Richard A she King ("Basil"), Mrs. Macquoid, Fitzgerald Molloy, Christie Murray, O'Neill Daunt, John Augustus O'Shea, Mrs. Panton, James Payn, FC Philips, Mrs. Riddcll, Blanche Roosevelt, George Sand, Florence Warden, William Westall, and Harry Furniss. WARD & DOWNEY,...
Page 112 - ... general breaking up of the system which led to his early death. Ministers took stock of the marriageable daughters of royal Europe and their choice fell upon a princess of the House of Hapsburg, a race pleasing to Queen Isabella and the Jesuits. The first meeting of the betrothed took place at Arcachon. When Alfonso entered the room of the villa in which his fiancee awaited him, his eyes fell on a fine portrait of Mercedes standing on her table. Involuntarily he drew nearer, and as he gazed on...

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