The Observatory, Volume 34

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Editors of the Observatory, 1911
Some vols. for 1886- include a special issue: Annual companion to the Observatory.

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Page 301 - Some say, he bid his angels turn askance The poles of earth, twice ten degrees and more, From the sun's axle: they with labour push'd Oblique the centric globe.
Page 300 - And ye five other wand'ring fires that move . In mystic dance, not without song, resound His praise, who out of darkness call'd up light Air, and ye elements...
Page 336 - Is now the labour of my thoughts ; 'tis likeliest They had engaged their wandering steps too far ; And envious darkness, ere they could return, Had stole them from me : else, O thievish night, Why shouldst thou, but for some felonious end, In thy dark lantern thus close up the stars, That nature hung in heaven, and...
Page 332 - The star that bids the shepherd fold Now the top of heaven doth hold ; And the gilded car of day His glowing axle doth allay In the steep Atlantic stream ; And the slope sun his upward beam Shoots against the dusky pole ; Pacing toward the other goal Of his chamber in the east.
Page 327 - Modern discoveries have not been made by large collections of facts, with subsequent discussion, separation, and resulting deduction of a truth thus rendered perceptible. A few facts have suggested an hypothesis, which means a supposition, proper to explain them. The necessary results of this supposition are worked out, and then, and not till then, other facts are examined to see if these ulterior results are found in nature.
Page 335 - And all the rule, one empire; only add Deeds to thy knowledge answerable; add faith, Add virtue, patience, temperance; add love, By name to come...
Page 166 - The fourth conference of the International Union for Cooperation in Solar Research was held at the Mount Wilson Solar Observatory, August 31 to September 2, 1910.
Page 260 - Sampson took part, followed, and on the motion of the President a vote of thanks was accorded to Prof.
Page 336 - To God's eternal house direct the way A broad and ample road, whose dust is gold, And pavement stars...
Page 300 - Round he surveys, and well might, where he stood So high above the circling canopy Of night's extended shade, from eastern point Of Libra to the fleecy star that bears Andromeda far off Atlantic seas. Beyond the horizon...

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