Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society of England

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Royal Agricultural Society of England, 1865
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Vols. for 1933- include the societys Farmers' guide to agricultural research.

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Page 69 - Folliculorum, as given by its discoverer, Dr. Simon, I determined to proceed to a verification of his discoveries, and being provided with an instrument probably superior to that employed by Dr. Simon, I have succeeded in making out certain points of structure that had escaped his observations. I was not long in obtaining subjects; almost every face I met with supplied me with abundance, and the difficulty seems to be, not to find the creature, but to find any individual, with the exception, according...
Page lxxvi - All information contained in Prize Essays shall be founded on experience or observation, and not on simple reference to books or other sources.
Page 273 - As the portions are finished they are protected from the action of the sun and atmosphere by a covering of straw ; when the whole bottom of the pond is so covered with an efficient and impermeable coating or puddle, a layer of broken chalk is placed upon it to prevent its injury by cattle or other means.
Page 489 - Society in the country, by the distribution of prizes, and by other means, to encourage the best mode of farm cultivation and the breed of live stock.
Page 279 - Treatise,' defines artesian wells as " perpetually flowing fountains, obtained by boring a small hole through strata that are destitute of water into lower strata loaded with subterranean sheets of this important fluid, which ascends by hydrostatic pressure through pipes let down to conduct it to the surface.
Page 267 - It certainly produced the result he anticipated, for their improvement in appearance and general condition was most satisfactory; but this was accompanied by an influence he had never expected; for his stock, which had always realized high prices as breeding stock, now, with very few exceptions, proved to be valueless for that object, male and female being alike sterile.
Page 57 - The females, which are more numerous and larger, appear deeply notched at the apex of the last abdominal segment, and, as it were, with two lobes, between which is the anal aperture, •which is surrounded with numerous hairs.
Page 163 - The late Mr. Theobald, of Stockwell, in Surry, always said that it was much better to put the hackney horse to the blood mare than to adopt the reverse plan ; the former course being almost sure to bring a good animal. A blood mare, the property of an uncle of mine, bred seven foals by hackney and cross-bred horses, and all proved animals worth a good deal of money.
Page 165 - Society's funds permit, separate prizes should be offered for thorough-bred sires, adapted, 1. For getting hunters; 2. For carriage-horses; 3. For park-horses, chargers, or hacks. Prizes in each of these classes would then be assigned to animals differing much in character, but no longer, as at present, to the best race-horse, or according to the rather puzzling and peculiar condition of the prize-sheet, " to the horse best calculated to perpetuate the breed of the sound and the stout thorough-bred...
Page 37 - ... only a momentary effect, and it not unfrequently poisons the dog. Innumerable other means I have tried to drive away fleas, but the only tolerably certain one I have discovered is to make dogs sleep on fresh yellow deal shavings. These shavings may be made so fine as to be as soft as a feather bed, and, if changed every week or fortnight, they make the most cleanly and wholesome one that a dog can rest on, and the turpentine in them is very obnoxious to the fleas. But where it is absolutely impracticable...

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