Transactions of the Pharmaceutical Meetings

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J. Churchill, 1868
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Page 438 - Section 17.—It shall be unlawful to sell any poison, either by wholesale or by retail, unless the box, bottle, vessel, wrapper, or cover in which such poison is contained be distinctly labelled with the name of the article and the word poison...
Page 142 - ... when they are administered by the other methods, and on the other hand, certain unpleasant symptoms which are apt to follow the introduction of the drugs by the mouth and rectum, are not usually experienced when such drugs are injected under the skin. 4. That as a general rule, to which, however, there may be exceptions, clear neutral solutions of drugs introduced subcutaneously are more rapidly absorbed and more intense in their effects than when introduced by the rectum or the mouth.
Page 573 - Name, unless the Registrar be satisfied by the proper Evidence that the Person claiming is entitled to it ; and any Appeal from the Decision of the Registrar may be decided by the...
Page 435 - Act, and the Council of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (herein-after referred to as the Pharmaceutical Society) may from Time to Time, by Resolution, declare that any Article in such Resolution named ought to be deemed a Poison within the Meaning of this Act...
Page 193 - Wears yet a precious jewel in his head; And this our life exempt from public haunt, Finds tongues in trees, books in the running brook, Sermons in stones, and good in everything.
Page 521 - Hotel is conveniently situated, being within three minutes' walk of the Railway Station, and is patronised by their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales, and other members of the Royal Family.
Page 438 - ... and upon the decease of any pharmaceutical chemist or chemist and druggist actually in business at the time of his death it shall be lawful for any executor, administrator, or trustee of the estate of such pharmaceutical chemist or chemist and druggist to continue such business if and so long only as such business shall be bona fide conducted by a duly qualified assistant...
Page 1 - The general council shall cause to be published under their direction a book containing a list of medicines and compounds, and the manner of preparing them, together with the true weights and measures by which they are to be prepared and mixed, and containing such other matter and things relating thereto as the general council shall think fit, to be called
Page 573 - Register' ; and a copy of the medical register for the time being, purporting to be so printed and published as aforesaid, shall be evidence in all courts and before all justices of the peace and others that the persons therein specified are registered according to the provisions of this Act ; and...
Page 142 - Intensity of effect. c. Economy of material. d. Certainty of action. e. Facility of introduction in certain cases. /. "With some drugs the avoidance of unpleasant symptoms. This plan, therefore, is most likely to be adopted where very rapid and decided effects are required from drugs which are operative in small doses.

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