Miscellanea historica et critica, Volume 7

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Page 62 - All you want, at present, is quiet ; with this, if your ardour apurreueiv can be kept in, till you are stronger, you will make noise enough. How happy the task, my noble amiable boy, to caution you only against pursuing too much, all those liberal and praiseworthy things, to which less happy natures are perpetually to be spurred and driven ! I will not tease you with too long a lecture in favour of inaction, and a competent stupidity, your two best tutors and companions at present.
Page 163 - I did, the sweetest creature in France. Her growth is very little short of her age, and her wisdom infinitely beyond it. I heard her discourse with her mother, and the ladies about her, with extraordinary discretion and quickness. She dances, the which I am a witness of, as well as ever I saw any creature. They say she sings most sweetly : I am sure she looks so.
Page 62 - It must, therefore, unalterably guide his political conduct, if it should be your Majesty's pleasure, that, after thus presuming to open himself fully to your Majesty, he should remain in that responsible situation in which your Majesty has so long condescended graciously and favourably to accept his services. It will afford him, indeed, a great relief and satisfaction, if he may be allowed to hope, that your Majesty will deign maturely to weigh what he has now humbly submitted, and to call for any...
Page 51 - Point du tout, dit M. le Prince ; ne vous fâchez point : tout va bien.» Minuit vint, le feu d'artifice ne réussit pas, il fut couvert d'un nuage ; il coûtait seize mille francs. A quatre heures du matin, Vatel s'en va partout, il trouve tout endormi, il rencontre un petit pourvoyeur qui lui apportait seulement deux charges de marée ; il lui demande : «Est-ce là tout ? — Oui, monsieur.
Page 62 - I will dine in town, and consequently be ready to see him in the evening, if he should think that would be of utility. At all events, I am ready to take any step that may be proposed to oppose this faction, and to struggle to the last period of my life ; but I can never submit to throw myself into its power. If they, in the end, succeed, my line is a clear one, and to which I have fortitude enough to submit.
Page 62 - ... and control ; — that, besides these provisions, the general interests of the Established Church, and the security of the constitution and government, might be effectually strengthened by requiring the political test, before referred to, from the preachers of all Catholic or Dissenting congregations, and from the teachers of schools of every denomination.
Page 312 - Lords stand boldly forth, this constitution must soon be changed ; for if the only two remaining privileges of the Crown are infringed, that of negativing bills which have passed both Houses of Parliament, and that of naming the ministers to be employed, I cannot but feel, as far as regards my person, that I can be no longer of utility to this country, nor can with honour continue in this island.
Page 62 - ... conciliate the higher orders of the Catholics, and by furnishing to a large class of your Majesty's Irish subjects a proof of the good will of the United Parliament, afford the best chance of giving full effect to the great object of the Union, — that of tranquillizing Ireland, and attaching it to this country.
Page 45 - So saying, with dispatchful looks in haste She turns, on hospitable thoughts intent What choice to choose for delicacy best, What order, so contrived as not to mix Tastes, not well join'd, inelegant, but bring Taste after taste upheld with kindliest change...
Page 153 - The Execution of Justice in England for maintenance of Publique and Christian Peace, against certeine Stirrers of Sedition, and adherents to the traytors and enemies of the Realme, without any PERSECUTION of them for questions of Religion, as is falsely reported...

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