The Cambridge Historical Journal, Volumes 1-2

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Cambridge University Press, 1925

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Page 23 - Open covenants of peace openly arrived at, after which there shall be no private international undertakings of any kind, but diplomacy shall proceed always frankly and in the public view.
Page 168 - Their Majesties engage each on his part to respect the independence and the territorial integrity of the Ottoman Empire, guarantee in common the strict observance of that engagement and will in consequence consider any act tending to its violation as a question of general interest.
Page 228 - proceed from the archdeacon to the bishop, from the bishop to the archbishop. And if the archbishop fail in doing justice, the matter shall finally be brought before the king that by his command the dispute may be settled in the archbishop's court, for it is not to proceed farther
Page 38 - Here, in this divine process, is the most awful witness to the truth that Burke knows how to invoke. " I attest," he cries in his last, despairing speech against Hastings, "I attest the retiring, I attest the advancing generations, between which, as a link in the great chain of eternal order, we stand 1 .
Page 305 - à régler la navigation des fleuves qui séparent ou traversent plusieurs États, les Puissances Contractantes stipulent entre elles qu'à l'avenir ces principes seront également appliqués au Danube et à ses embouchures. Elles déclarent que cette disposition fait désormais partie du droit public de l'Europe, et la prennent sous leur garantie.
Page 310 - The Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, within the limits determined by the Act annexed to the Treaties of the igth of April, 1839, under the guarantee of the Courts of Great Britain, Austria, France, Prussia, and Russia, shall henceforth form a perpetually neutral State. It shall be bound to observe the same neutrality towards all other States.
Page 304 - La Neutralité de la Suisse sera étendue au Territoire qui se trouve au nord d'une ligne à tirer depuis Ugine, y compris cette ville, au midi du lac d'Annecy, et de là au lac de Bourges jusqu'au Rhône, de la même manière qu'elle a été étendue aux Provinces de Chablais et de Faucigny, par l'Article
Page 292 - upon the continent of America; but that the people of the United States should be left free to act, in any crisis, in such a manner as their feelings of friendship towards these republics, and as their own honor and policy may at the time dictate.
Page 165 - .has no other object than the maintenance of peace and the guarantee of those transactions on which the Peace was founded and consolidated." And again, the sovereigns assert "their strictest observation of the principles of the right of nations which... can alone effectually guarantee the independence of each Government and the stability of the general association.
Page 307 - s'engagent, chacune de son côté, à respecter l'indépendance et l'intégrité de l'Empire Ottoman; garantissent en commun la stricte observation de cet engagement; et considéreront, en conséquence, tout acte de nature à y porter atteinte comme une question d'intérêt général.

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