The Register of Arts, and Journal of Patent Inventions, Volume 1

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Luke Herbert
G. Herbert, 1828
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Page 305 - ... men who had been knocked down at the same time with myself. This I endeavoured to do by calling to them. Before I reached the shaft the water had risen so rapidly that I was out of my depth, and therefore swam to the visitors' stairs, the stairs of the workmen being occupied by those who had so far escaped.
Page 280 - To all to whom these presents shall come, be it known, that I...
Page 26 - I, at 7. This enables the small shaft 7, to be turned, though the carriage should be on the lock. On one end of the shaft 7, is one of a pair of bevel wheels, the other being on the fore axle...
Page 189 - Upon which all the sea became so replenished with several sorts of jellies, and forms of serpents, adders, and snakes, as seemed wonderful : some green, some black, some yellow, some white, some of divers colours ; and many of them had life ; and some there were a yard and a half, and two yards long : which had I not seen, I could hardly have believed. And hereof are witnesses all the company of the ships which were then present ; so that hardly a man could draw a bucket of water clear of some corruption.
Page 261 - ... the pilot wheels ; d, the pole; e, the fore boot, for luggage ; /, the throttle valve of the main steam pipe, which, by means of the handle, is opened or closed at pleasure, the power of the steam and the progress of the carriage being thereby regulated, from one to ten or twenty miles per hour ; g, the tank for water, running from end to end, and the full breadth of the carriage; it will contain sixty gallons of water...
Page 305 - ... came on to work. We began to work the ground at the west top corner of the frame. The tide had just then begun to flow, and finding the ground tolerably quiet, we proceeded, by beginning at the top, and had worked about a foot downwards, when, on exposing the next six inches, the ground swelled suddenly, and a large quantity burst through the opening thus made. This was followed instantly by a large body...
Page 26 - ... to be tightened by a lever convenient for the foot of the conductor, and which will readily retard or stop the coach when descending hills. K is the seat of the conductor, with the...
Page 329 - III. in 1346; in which affair it is particularly recorded, that this great warrior struck terror into the French army, by five or six pieces of cannon, it being the first time they had encountered such thundering machines.
Page 305 - At this moment the agitation of the air by the rush of the water was such as to extinguish all the lights, and the water had gained the height of the middle of our waists. I was at that moment giving directions to the three men, in what manner they ought to proceed in the dark to effect their escape, when they and I were knocked down and covered by a part of the timber stage.
Page 87 - ... and water, to those by measure, and for determining the proportion by measure, of each of the two substances in all such mixtures.

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