A Historical View of the Hindu Astronomy: From the Earliest Dawn of Science in India to the Present Time. In Two Parts. Part I. The Ancient Astronomy. Part II. The Modern Astronomy, with an Explanation of the Apparent Cause of Its Introduction, and the Various Impositions that Followed. To which are Added, I. Hindu Tables of Equations. II. Remarks on the Chinese Astronomy. III. Translations of Certain Hieroglyphics, Called the Zodiacs of Dendera

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Smith, Elder & Company, 1825 - 282 pages
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Page 22 - And now a heterogeneous stream of the concocted juices of various trees and plants ran down into the briny flood. " It was from this milk-like stream of juices, produced from those trees and plants and a mixture of melted gold, that the Soors obtained their immortality.
Page 24 - Narayan cut off his head, as he was drinking, with his splendid weapon chakra. And the gigantic head of the Asoor, emblem of a mountain's summit, being thus separated from his body by the...
Page 27 - Soors having obtained the victory, the mountain Mandar was carried back to its former station with great respect; whilst the waters also retired, filling the firmament and the heavens with their dreadful roarings. " The Soors guarded the Amreeta with great care, and rejoiced exceedingly because of their success; and Eendra, with all his immortal bands, gave the water of life unto Narayan, to keep it for their use.
Page 18 - It is inconceivable, and not to be encompassed by sinful man ; and it is guarded by dreadful serpents. Many celestial medicinal plants adorn its sides ; and it stands piercing the heaven with its aspiring summit, a mighty hill, inaccessible even by the human mind.
Page 22 - When they heard the words of Narayan, they all returned again to the work, and began to stir about with great force that butter of the ocean, when there presently arose from out the troubled deep, first the Moon, with a pleasing countenance, shining with ten thousand beams of gentle light; next followed Sree, the goddess of fortune, whose seat is the white lily of the waters ; then Soora-Devee, the goddess of wine, and the white horse called Oochiirava.
Page 26 - Soodarsan, ready at the mind's call, flew down from heaven with direct and refulgent speed, beautiful yet terrible to behold; and being arrived, glowing like the sacrificial flame, and spreading terror around...
Page 99 - A man's own religion, though contrary to, is better than the faith of another, let it be ever so well followed. It is good to die in one's own faith, for another's faith beareth fear.
Page 21 - Asoors, a continual stream of fire and smoke and wind, which ascending in thick clouds, replete with lightning, it began to rain down upon the heavenly bands, who were already fatigued with their...
Page i - A HISTORICAL VIEW OF THE HINDU ASTRONOMY, from the earliest dawn of that Science in India, to the present time.
Page 19 - ... ascended to the summit of this lofty mountain, sparkling with precious gems, and for eternal ages raised, were sitting in solemn synod, meditating the discovery of the Amreeta, the Water of Immortality.

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