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Twenty Foundation Scholarships, perfectly open, value 78. each per week during residence.

Two Scholarships founded by Mr. Peter Blundell, appropriated to Scholars from Tiverton School.


Archdeacon Johnson left four Exhibitions, now £20. per annum each, with preference to those educated at the Schools of Oakham or Uppingham, in Rutland.

Mr. Lovett founded two Exhibitions for clergymen's sons, now upwards of £40. per ann. each; preference is given to candidates who have been three years at Grantham or Oakham School.

Mr. Bearcroft left two Exhibitions for clergymen's sons, value £12. each per annum.


An Annual Examination takes place immediately before the division of the Easter Term, at which Books of the value of £9. are adjudged to such Under-Graduates as most distinguish themselves in Mathematics, and of the value of £6. to those who excel in Classical knowledge. The Prizemen of last year, arranged according to merit, were:

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Prizes are likewise given for the best Latin and English Declamations, and also for the best Themes. There is also an Annual Prize of £10. for the best proficient in Mathematics at the time of taking the degree of B.A. provided his name appear in the first Tripos.-This year adjudged to Ds. Rowsell.


Sir John Shelly Sidney, Bart.

But in some cases the Vice-Chancellor and two Senior Doctors in Divinity; in others, the Vice-Chancellor and the Masters of Christ's and Emmanuel, are appointed Visitors by the Statutes.


Master, Rev. William Chafy, D.D. Chaplain in
Ordinary to His Majesty, elected 1813.

Tutor, Francis Henson, B.D.

Bursar, The Master,

Dean, Francis Henson, B.D.

Steward, W. L. P. Garnons, B.D.

Lecturer, R. N. Adams, B.D.
Mathematical Lecturer,


Luke, Rev. Robert, B.D.

Henson, Rev. Francis, B.D.

Buckland, Rev. Josiah Rowles, D.D.
Adams, Rev. Richard Newton, B.D.

Garnons, Rev. William Lewes Pugh, B.D. F.L.S. +Cory, Rev. John James, B.D.

Temple, Rev. Nicholas John, M.A..

+Rhodes, Rev. Edward Duncan, M.A.
+Napleton, Rev. William Timothy, B.A.
Boteler, Rev. Edward, M.A.
Williamson, Rev. William, M.A.
Buckle, Rev. Robert Bentley, B.A.

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The Master has the right of nomination and presentation to this Living, provided he nominates one of the Society.

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This College will consist of a Master, two Professors (one of the Laws of England and one of Medicine,) sixteen Fellows (two of which only are Clerical,) and six Scholars. The objects of the foundation are stated in the Charter to be Students in Law, Physic, and other useful arts and learning. At present only the Master, Professors, and three Fellows, are appointed, for the purpose of taking possession of the estates, administering the revenues, superintending the building of the college, and for the other necessary purposes. The appointment of the remaining Fellows is reserved until after the erection of the buildings necessary for the college.

The Scholars will also be elected after that period; but not more than two in each year. There are also two Chaplains, nominated by the Master.

The Master is elected by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, and the Master's of St. John's and Clare Hall, from among those who are or have been Professors or Fellows. The electors to the Professorships are the same as to the Mastership, with the addition of the Master.

The Professor of Law must be, at the time of his election, D.C.L. M.A. or B.C.L. of Cambridge or Oxford, of ten years' standing from matriculation, and a barrister at law. The Professor of Medicine must be

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