The Cambridge University Calendar

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Benjamin Flower, 1827

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Page 22 - A course of Lectures, containing a description and systematic arrangement of the several branches of Divinity, accompanied with an account both of the principal authors, and of the progress which has been made at different periods, in Theological learning.
Page 68 - ... college according to the cycle of Proctors, but the appointment. shall be made by the university. Or if the Public Orator, or the Greek Professor, shall be prevented by illness or otherwise from attending the examination, or if the colleges shall have neglected to signify to the Vice-Chancellor the appointment of the electors according to their respective turns, then deputies shall be appointed by Grace. 3. — The first examination commenced on Monday January...
Page 42 - English, and only against notorious infidels, whether atheists or deists, not descending to any particular controversies or sects amongst Christians themselves, except some new or dangerous error, either of superstition or enthusiasm, as of popery or methodism, either in opinion or practice, shall prevail...
Page 59 - Norfolk, by will bequeathed a premium of £12. per annum, £7. 4s. of which is to be expended upon a gold medal, the residue in books, to the author of the best prose Essay on a sacred • subject, which is to be proposed by the Norrisian Professor.
Page 41 - ... advancement and reward of religious learning. The various purposes to which he appropriated the revenue of these estates, are — first, the maintenance of two Scholars at St John's college — secondly, to recompense the exertions of the Hulsean Prizeman — thirdly, to found and support the office of Christian Advocate — and fourthly, that of the Hulsean Lecturer, or Christian Preacher. The salaries of these offices...
Page 335 - On the 22d of September 1800, the Great Seal was affixed to the Charter by Lord Loughborough. By this Charter the college is incorporated, with all the privileges belonging to any college in the university, and endowed with the estate devised by the founder with a power to hold landed property (in addition thereto) to the value of £1,500.
Page 157 - That every person when examined shall be required (1) to translate some portion of each of the subjects appointed as aforesaid ; (2) to construe and explain passages of the same ; and (3) to answer printed questions relating to the Evidences of Christianity and the Old Testament History.
Page 6 - Graces as are to be propounded, to receive them when passed in both Houses, and to register them in the University records. To register also the seniority of such as proceed yearly in any of the arts and faculties according to the schedules delivered unto him by the Proctors.
Page 39 - ... cause of the modern improvement and extension of manufactures. He treats likewise on subjects which relate to the carrying on, or facilitating the commerce of the country, such as inland navigation, the construction of bridges', aqueducts, locks, inclined planes, and other contrivances, by which vessels are raised or lowered from one level to another — of ships, docks, harbours, and naval architecture.
Page 264 - ... by the students of this college, in the following order: — One medal of 15 guineas for the best Latin Dissertation on some evidence of Christianity ; another of 15 guineas for the best English Composition on some Moral Precept of the Gospel ; and one of 10 guineas to the most distinct and graceful reader in, and regular attendant at, chapel.

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