Nature, Volume 5

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Sir Norman Lockyer
Macmillan Journals Limited, 1872

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Page 178 - O'er bog or steep, through strait, rough, dense, or rare, With head, hands, wings, or feet, pursues his way, And swims, or sinks, or wades, or creeps, or flies.
Page 241 - Anatomy as a compendious, reliable, and, notwithstanding its small dimensions, most comprehensive guide on the subject of which it treats. To praise or to criticise the work of so accomplished a master of his favorite science would be equally out of place. It is enough to say that It realizes, in a remarkable degree, the anticipations which have been formed of it; and that it presents an extraordinary combination of wide, general views, with the clear, accurate, and succinct statement of a prodigious...
Page 207 - The Royal College of Physicians of London ; The Royal College of Surgeons of England; The Apothecaries...
Page 180 - The sun's rays are the ultimate source of almost every motion which takes place on the surface of the earth. By its heat are produced all winds, and those disturbances in the electric equilibrium of the atmosphere which give rise to the phenomena of lightning, and probably also to those of terrestrial magnetism and the aurora.
Page 306 - PRIZE." 2. That this Prize be adjudged once in three years. 3. That it be adjudged for the best original memoir, invention or discovery, in connexion with Mathematico-physical or Mathematico-experimental science that may have been published during the three years immediately preceding...
Page 13 - Mining Tools. A MANUAL OF MINING TOOLS. For the Use of Mine Managers, Agents, Students, &c. By WILLIAM MORGANS, Lecturer on Practical Mining at the Bristol School of Mines.
Page 12 - ... the influence of various kinds of compulsion in the lower, and intelligent option among higher animals. ' Thus intelligent choice, taking advantage of the successive evolution of physical conditions, may be regarded as the originator of the fittest, while natural selection is the tribunal to which all the results of accelerated growth are submitted. This preserves or destroys them, and determines the new points of departure on which accelerated growth shall build.
Page 32 - The generally admitted notions of pseudomorphism seem to have originated in a too exclusive plutonism, and require such varied hypotheses to explain the different cases, that we are led to seek for some more simple explanation, and to find it, in many instances, in the association and crystallizing together of homologous and isomorphous species.
Page 108 - ... the tangent to the curve at the steepest point or point of inflection is rotating, so that its inclination to the plane of the coordinate axes for pressure and temperature, which we may regard as horizontal, increases till, at the critical point, it becomes a right angle. Then it appears very natural to suppose that, in proceeding onwards past the critical point to curves successively for lower and lower temperatures, the tangent at the point of inflection would continue its rotation, and the...
Page 228 - Competitors will send their essays in English, with motto attached, and the name and address of the writer, with the same motto, in a sealed envelope, to the present Secretary of the Society, Dr.

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