Bulletin No. 1-29, Issue 7

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1888

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Page 25 - Copper mixture of Gironde, Bordeaux mixture. — Original formula. — Dissolve 16 pounds of sulphate of copper in 22 gallons of water ; in another vessel slake 30 pounds of lime in 6 gallons of water. When the latter mixture has cooled it is slowly poured into the copper solution, care being taken to mix the fluids thoroughly by constant stirring. It is well to have this compound prepared some days before it is required for use. It should be well stirred before applying.
Page 25 - Nnmerons modifications in the preparation of this compound have been suggested, chiefly for the purpose of reducing the amount of copper. A solution containing the ingredients in the following proportions has been recommended for general nse : Sulphate of copper '. pounds.. 6 Lime do 6 Water gallons.. 22 The copper is dissolved in 16 gallons of water, while the lime is slaked in 6 yallons.
Page 27 - Rot can be effectively overcome by tha salts of copper, and that the same applications will serve to prevent the development of mildew and of this disease ; the treatment of Black Rot will not therefore occasion any additional labors.
Page 27 - Rot is developrd with so great an intensity that the culture of the vine has been abandoned at several points, are to-day conclusive. M. Prillieux has announced in a recent report...
Page 20 - They are at first imbedded in the fruit, but emerge during their growth, rupturing the dried cuticle. The dark mycelium that surrounds them is closely septate.
Page 16 - Later in this mouth, and especially near the beginning of August, Black Rot develops on the berries very rapidly, and may destroy the entire crop in a few days.

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