The Cincinnati Lancet and Observer, Volume 29

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E.B. Stevens, 1868

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Page 375 - ... for such offense, and upon conviction for a second violation of this act, shall, in addition to the above fine, be imprisoned in the county jail of the county in which...
Page 234 - When the South Sea Islands were first discovered phthisis did not exist there. Since the aborigines have come into intimate contact with Europeans, the disease has not only made its appearance among them, but has become so wide-spread as to threaten their extermination. The contrast between original entire immunity and present extreme fatality is very striking, and can only be rationally explained by the importation of a new and specific morbific germ. Try every other supposition, and the facts are...
Page 213 - ... fracture is too close to the knee, and it may be necessary to attach the adhesive straps (M) above the knee, then the bars may extend to near the perineum if necessary. The crossbar passing beneath the bracket at (B), and upon which the foot rests, should be flattened, and five inches in length, so as to allow ample space for the limb to rest between the bars ; the space between these bars at the upper end should ordinarily be about six inches. The splint (C) upon which the leg rests in figure...
Page 187 - Dr. Percy Boulton's method consists in adding a few drops of phenic (carbolic) acid to the iodine solution to be employed. This addition renders iodine perfectly colorless, so. that it may be applied with impunity.
Page 434 - Insane persons may be placed in a hospital for the insane by their legal guardians, or by their relatives, or friends, in case they have no guardians ; but never without the certificate of...
Page 328 - Pharmacie) employs 4 parts (by weight) of yolk of egg, and 5 parts of glycerine, which he mixes simply in a mortar. It has the consistence of liquid honey, and is unctuous like the fatty substances, over which it has the advantage of being easily removed by water. It is unalterable, a specimen having been left exposed to the air for three years with impunity.
Page 374 - Any person living in this State, or any person coming into this State, who shall practice medicine, or attempt to practice medicine in any of its branches, or who shall...
Page 178 - Ferro-Phosphorated Elixir of Calisaya, with Sub-Carbonate of Bismuth. This combination has now become exceedingly popular with the first physicians of the country, by whom it U efficiently and successfully used in gastralgia, laborious digestion, acid eructations, nausea, debility, and nervous derangements.
Page 237 - ... disagree ; where from the character of the motions there is a deficient or defective secretion of bile. It is thus of service in cases of chalky stools or white fluid motions.
Page 225 - ... if vacancies happen within two years thereafter, they will receive appointments and take rank in the Medical Corps. An Applicant failing at one examination, may be allowed a second, after two years; but never a third. . Applications must be addressed to the Secretary of War ; must state the residence of the applicant, and the date and place of his birth.

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