Inventors and Inventions

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E. and F.N. Spon, 1867 - 263 pages
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Page 248 - ... stopping and screwing up the broken end, as also the touch-hole, and, making a constant fire under it, within twenty-four hours it burst, and made a great crack...
Page 250 - If a stranger open it, it setteth an alarm a-going, which the stranger cannot stop from running out; and besides, though none should be within hearing, yet it catcheth his hand, as a trap doth a fox; and though far from maiming him, yet it leaveth such a mark behind it, as will discover him if...
Page 248 - I have taken a piece of a whole cannon, whereof the end was burst, and filled it three quarters full of water, stopping and screwing up the broken end, as also the touchhole ; and making a constant fire under it, within twenty-four hours it burst and made a great crack...
Page 249 - One vessel of water rarefied by fire driveth up forty of cold water ; and a man that tends the work is but to turn two cocks, that, one vessel of water being consumed, another begins to force and refill with cold water, and so successively, the fire being tended and kept constant, which the self same person may likewise abundantly perform in the interim, between the necessity of turning the said cocks.
Page 233 - The more then that you shall be pleased to make use of my Inventions, the more Inventive shall you ever find me, one Invention begetting still another, and more and more improving my ability to serve my King and you ; and as to my heartiness therein there needs no addition, nor to my readiness a spur. And therefore (my Lords and Gentlemen) be pleased to begin, and desist not from commanding me till I flag in my obedience and endeavours to serve my King and...
Page 245 - ... than those of the mounting side, and yet equal in number and heft to the one side as the other. A most incredible thing, if not seen, but tried before the late king (of blessed memory) in the Tower, by my directions...
Page 233 - ... to come; professing really from my heart, that my intentions are to outgo the six or seven hundred thousand pounds already sacrificed, if countenanced and encouraged by you, ingenuously confessing that the melancholy •which hath lately seized upon me (the cause whereof none of you but may easily guess) hath, I dare say, retarded more advantages to the...
Page 249 - ... hours, it burst and made a great crack. So that, having a way to make my vessels so that they are strengthened by the force within them, and the one to fill after the other, I have seen the water run like a constant fountain stream forty feet high.
Page 215 - Of these, the first is stated to be " a burning mirror for burning ships by the sun's beams," of which the author professes himself able to give to the world the " invention, proof, and perfect demonstration, geometrical and algebraical, with an evident demonstration of their error who affirm this to be made a parabolic section.

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