The Veterinarian: A Monthly Journal of Veterinary Science, Volume 35

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Page 589 - It is also as curious as it is wonderful that, however alarming and numerous the eruptions, or confluent and frightful they may be, the peculiar action of the medicine is such that very seldom is a scar left to tell the story of the disease. I will not enter upon a physiological analysis now ; it will be sufficient for my...
Page 109 - If upon a party, it may be made by leaving the notice or other paper at his residence, between the hours of eight in the morning and six in the evening, with some person of...
Page 48 - What a curious and interesting subject for contemplation ! In the remains of an extinct animal world, England is to find the means of increasing her wealth in agricultural produce, as she has already found the great support of her manufacturing industry in fossil fuel, — the preserved matter of primeval forests, — the remains of a vegetable world.
Page 658 - ... or other articles which he may judge likely to have been infected thereby, to be forthwith destroyed or otherwise disposed of in such manner as he shall deem proper, or as may...
Page 697 - Disraeli the elder held that the secret of success consisted in being master of your subject, such mastery being attainable only through continuous application and study. Hence it happens that the men who have most moved the world, have not been so much men of genius, strictly so called, as men of intense mediocre abilities, and untiring perseverance ; not so often the gifted, of naturally bright and shining qualities, as those who have applied themselves diligently to their work, in whatsoever line...
Page 658 - An Act to prevent, until the first day of September, one thousand eight hundred and fifty, and to the end of the then session of Parliament, the spreading of contagious or infectious disorders among sheep, cattle, acd other animals.
Page 49 - ... Valuable as have been the fruits of chemical inquiry, still more may be expected from the further prosecution of this study. The notion that the action of most of our medicines is chemical, is daily growing into a general conviction. We admit that with every change wrought by pharmaceutical agents in the state of our organism, there occurs a corresponding change in its composition, resulting from their reaction on one or more of its constituents. But of these transformations, which doubtless...
Page 36 - Give thy mind sea-room ; keep it wide of earth, That rock of souls immortal ; cut thy cord ; Weigh anchor ; spread thy sails ; call every wind ; Eye thy great Pole-star ; make the land of life.
Page 164 - Queen's Most Excellent Majesty MAY IT PLEASE YOUR MAJESTY...
Page 753 - THE GROWTH OF THE RECRUIT AND YOUNG SOLDIER. With a view to the selection of "Growing Lads" for the Army, and a Regulated System of Training for Recruits.

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