Philosophical Transactions, Volumes 71-120

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Royal Society of London., 1775

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Page 17 - Six Discourses delivered before the Royal Society at their Anniversary Meetings, on the award of the Royal and Copley Medals ; preceded by an Address to the Society on the progress and prospects of Science, by Sir Humphry Davy, Bart.
Page 173 - A Third Catalogue of the comparative Brightness of the Stars ; with an Introductory Account of an Index to Mr. Flamsteed's Observations of the Fixed Stars, contained in the Second Volume of the Historia Ccelestis to which are added several useful Results derived from that Index.
Page 148 - On some Physiological Researches respecting the Influence of the Brain on the action of the Heart, and on the Generation of Animal Heat," for which a Copley medal, " the highest honour the Society has to bestow,
Page 140 - The Construction and Analysis of Geometrical Propositions, determining the positions assumed by homogeneal bodies, which float freely, and at rest, on a fluid surface ; also Determining the Stability of Ships, and of other Floating Bodies.
Page 169 - An improved solution of a problem in physical astronomy : by which, swiftly converging series are obtained, which are useful in computing the perturbations of the motions of the Earth, Mars and Venus, by their mutual attraction.
Page 213 - New experimental researches on some of the leading doctrines of caloric, particularly on the relation between the elasticity, temperature, and latent heat of different vapours, and on thermometric admeasurement and capacity.
Page 82 - On a new species of Rhinoceros found in the interior of Africa, the Skull of which bears a close resemblance to that found in a fossil state in Siberia and other countries.
Page 164 - ... and water, to those by measure, and for determining the proportion by measure, of each of the two substances in all such mixtures.
Page 159 - Antimony, n4to. and Copper, from Cornwall; with some Observations upon the various Modes of Attraction, which influence the formation of Mineral Substances, and upon the different kinds of Sulphuret of Copper.
Page 83 - On the double Organs of Generation of the Lamprey, the Conger Eel, the Common Eel, the Barnacle, and Earth- Worm, which impregnate themselves, though the last, from copulating, appear mutually to impregnate one another.

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