Transactions of the American Ethnological Society, Volumes 2-3

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Bartlett & Welford, 1848

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Page 98 - The first was like a lion, and had eagle's wings : I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked, and it was lifted up from the earth, and made stand upon the feet as a man, and a man's heart was given to it.
Page 91 - Then Cambyses proceeded to Egypt. When Cambyses had gone to Egypt the state became wicked ; then the lie became abounding in the land, both in Persia and in Media and in the other provinces.
Page 256 - The History of Jamaica; or a General Survey of the Ancient and Modern State of that Island, with Reflections on its Situation, Settlements, Inhabitants, Climate, Products, Commerce, Laws, and Government.
Page 93 - I have faithfully made of the performance of the whole. " 8. Says Darius the king : — By the grace of Ormazd, there is much else that has been done by me that upon this tablet has not been inscribed. On that account it has not been inscribed, lest he who...
Page 105 - January in each year returns (prepared according to the form appended to this resolution) of students who may be fitted, according to their several degrees of merit and capacity, for such of the various public offices as, with reference to their age, abilities, and other circumstances, they may be deemed qualified to fill.
Page 192 - Ham. Do you see yonder cloud, that's almost in shape of a camel ? Pol. By the mass, and 't is like a camel, indeed. Ham. Methinks, it is like a weasel. Pol. It is backed like a weasel. Ham. Or, like a whale. Pol. Very like a whale.
Page xxv - Its geographical area, almost noequaled in position, is bisected from north to south by the primary Cordillera, or great mountain chain, which divides the waters of the Atlantic from those of the Pacific Ocean.
Page 39 - Wilderness; or, Wanderings in South Africa. By Henry W Methuen. Post 8vo. London, 1846. Voyage au Darfour par le Cheykh Mohammed Ebn-Omar El-Tounsy ; traduire, de l'Arabe, par Dr.
Page 11 - On considering the civilization," adds Baron Humboldt, "which exists on several points of the north-west coast of America, in the Moqui and on the banks of the Gila, we are tempted to believe (and I venture to repeat it here) that at the period of the migration of the Toltecs, the Acolhues and the Aztecs, several tribes separated from the great mass of the people to establish themselves in these northern regions."!
Page 210 - The anatomical facts considered in conjunction with every other species of evidence to which I have had access, lead me to regard all the American nations, except the Esquimaux, as people of one great race or group. From Cape Horn to Canada, from ocean to ocean, they present a common type of physical organization, and a not less remarkable similarity of moral and mental endowments.

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