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Brit Hist, 13.

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AMERICA.-President James Madison's messages to
the Congress, relative to the foreign negotiations,
and internal concerns, of the United States, 48.
Proclamation of President Madison, on taking
possession of territory claimed as part of Louis-
iana, 176.

Declaration of independence, published by the

inhabitants of West Florida, 177.

Letter from Mr. Smith, Secretary of State,

for the recal of Mr. Pinckney, the American

Ambassador at London, 179.

Documents laid before the Congress, (Dec. 6,

1810) by the President, relative to the disputes

with England and France, 179.

Report of the Secretary of the Treasury, made

to the Congress, (11 Dec. 1810.) 210.

Correspondence of Mr. Pinckney, with the

American Secretary of State, relative to the ne-

gotiation carried on, with the British government,

by Mr. Pinkney, 218, 606, 635, 988.

Papers relating to the commerce between

America and France, laid before Congress, on

the 31st of December 1810; consisting of cor.

respondence between General Turreau and Mr.

Smith, and between Mr. Smith and General

Armstrong, 466.

Acts supplementary to the Non Intercourse

Law, excluding British vessels and British ma-
nufactures from the United States, in case the
British Orders in Council should not be revoked
by the 2nd of February, 635, 659, 1086.

Correspondence, of Mr. Pinkney, the Ame.
rican Ambassador, with Marquis Wellesley, 606,
635,954, 98,5.

DENMARK.-Letter to Sir James Saumarez, from
J. W. Maurice, commanding the garrison of the
island of Anholt, giving an account of the repulse
of the Danes from that island, 926, 942.

Danish account of the attack upon Anholt,

ENGLAND.-Answers of the Prince of Wales, and

the Queen, to the deputations from the two

Houses, on the resolutions being presented to

them, relative to the Regency, 116.

Protest, against the rejection of Lord King's

motion to omit the name of Lord Eldon, as one

of the Queen's Council, 269.

Evidence of Doctors Willis and Heberden, as

to the state of his Majesty's health, 270.

Official account of the installation of the

Regent, 369.

Unofficial account of the same event, 350, 367.

List of Sheriff's appointed, for 1811, by the

Prince Regent, 369.

An Act to provide for the administration of

the royal authority, &c. during his Majesty's

illness, 371, 404.

Copies of letters that passed between the

Prince Regent and Mr. Perceval, on his royal

highness declaring his intention to retain in his

service the present Ministers, 431.

Dispatches, relative to the capture of the Isle

of France, 433, 474, 544, 573.

Report from the Select Committee, on the

state of commercial credit, laid before the House

of Commons, (6 March 1811) 626.

Report of the Queen's Council, on the State of

his Majesty's health, 942.

Copy of the Bank notice, fixing, at five shil-

lings and sixpence, the price of dollars, 980.

Resolutions proposed by Mr. Horner, on the
Bullion question, 1012.

Resolutions proposed by Mr. Vansittart on

the Bullion question, 1075, 1140.

Amendinents on the Resolutions, 1145.

Common Council, 8th Jan. 1811, on the subject
of the restrictions upon the Prince Regent, 86.
Resolutions of the Livery, on the same sub-

ject, 89.

Address presented to the Prince Regent, from

the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Commons of the

City of London, 401.

Address of the inhabitants of Westminster to

the Prince Regent, 1124.

Proceedings in the City Common Council, on

a Petition for granting the use of the Guildhall,

for a meeting upon the subject of Parliamentary

Reform, 1293, 1423.

Resolutions of the Livery of London, passed

30th May 1811, on the Subject of a Parliamen-

tary Reform, 1407, 1421.

FRANCE. Napoleon's message to the Conservative
Senate, laying before them a report of the State
of the Empire, 54.

The report on the State of the Empire, 55.
Documents relative to Lord Lauderdale's ne-
gotiation, in 1806, 60.

Letter to the President of the Council of
Prizes, announcing the revocation of the Berlin
and Milan decrees, as far as related to Ame-
rican commerce, 85.

Report, Senatus Consultum, and address, on
the subject of a maritime conscription, 91.

Report of a Committee of the Conservative
Senate, on the subject of the annexation of Hol-
land and the Hans Towns to France, 96, 112.
Report of the Minister, of War, on the con
seription of 1811, 120.

Decree relative to commerce at Frankfort,


Report of Capt. Duperre, commanding the

Maritime force at the Isle of France, 221, 247.

Extract from the Moniteur, relating to the

English prisoners wrecked in the Elizabeth, near

Dunkirk, 314.

Comments of the Moniteur on the Prince

Regent's speech to the House of Lords, 660.

Decree relative to the making Sugar and

Indigo, from Beet root and Woad, 951.

Extract of a letter, from the Minister of Fi-

nance, relative to the revocation of the Berlin

and Milan decrees, as far as regarded America,


Decree for the raising of 3,000 Seamen, 1118.

Report of a plot respecting Belleisle, 1119.
Speech of Napoleon to the Legislative Body,

(June 16) 1625.

First sitting of the French National Council,


HAMBURGH.-Address from Hamburgh, to Napo-
leon, 863, $93

The reply of Napoleon, 894

Grant, from the Special Council, of further
time to make declarations of colonial produce,

HANS TOWNS.-Report on the annexation of the
Hans Towns to France, 96, 112.

Union of the Hans Towns to France, and dis-
tribution of their territory and government, 217.

HOLLAND.-Proceedings of the Dutch Ministry

with the English Government, relative to the

preserving of the independence of Holland, by

the means of a peace with France, 62, 80.

Annunciation of the birth of a son to Napo-

leon, 794.

PORTUGAL-Dispatch from Lord Wellington, re-

lative to the proceedings of the Armies in Por-

tugal, up to the 15th of December, 124.

Convention between the Governments of Por-

tugal and Spain, allowing each Government to
call upon the subjects of the other, residing in
its territory, for military service, during the con-
tinuance of the war, 126.

Dispatch from Lord Wellington to the Portu
'guese Government, relative to the position of the
contending armies, 287.

Comments of the Moniteur, on the statements
of the Times Newspaper, relative to the war in
Portugal, 316.

Dispatches from Lord Wellington giving an
account of the Military Operations up to the
12th of January, 318.

Dispatches from the same, up to the 26th of
January, 382.

Dispatches from the same, giving an account

of the defeat of General Mendizabel, and of the

Siege of Badajoz by the French, 671, 895.

Dispatches from the same, and from Charles

Stuart, Esq. stating the retreat of the French
Army towards the frontier, and the various en-
gagements between the British and French, up
to the 23rd of March, 878.

French account of the Army of Massena, up
to the 15th of March, 889.

Dispatches from Lord Wellington, to the Por-
tuguese Government, relative to the Surrender
of Badajoz, 887.

Dispatch from Lord Wellington, dated 27th
of October, 1810, recommending an Indemnifi-
eation to the Portuguese, for the losses which
they had sustained, 947.

Dispatches from the same, narrating his Ope-

rations, up to the 27th of March, 949.

Dispatch from Charles Stuart, Esq. stating

the advance of General Beresford's Army, and
the recovery of Campo Mayor from the enemy,


Proclamation against the French, issued by

the Portuguese Government, 1017.

Dispatches from Lord Wellington, giving an
account of the retreat of the French Amy into

Spain, his own movements up to the 9th of April,

and the operations of Marshal Beresford, 1049,

Dispatch from Marshal Beresford, to Lord

Wellington, giving an account of the defeat of a

French division, 1083.

Dispatch from Lord Wellington, stating the
positions of the English and Spanish Armies, up

to the 13th of April, 1115.

Dispatches from Charles Stuart, Esq. giving

an account of the Surrender of Olivenza, the po-
sition of the hostile Armies, and the letters of
compliment addressed, by the Portuguese Go-
vernment, to Lord Wellington and Marshal
Beresford, on the liberation of Portugal, 1116.

Dispatches from Lord Wellington, giving an
account of the Battle of Fuentes de Honor, and
the subsequent movements of the combined
and French Armies, up to the 10th of May,
1336, 1355.

French account of the Battle of Fuentes de

Honor, 1363.

Dispatch from Lord Wellington, relative to

the escape of the Garrison of Almeida, 1360.

French account of the escape of the Garrison

of Almeida, 1594.

Proclamations of Lord Wellington to the Por-

tuguese, 1504, 1591.

PRUSSIA. Edict, relative to the confiscation of all

ships in which English produce and manufactures

have been, or may be, introduced into the Prus-

sian ports, 991.

SICILY.-Declaration of the King, relative to the
report of his being about to give up his country
to the French, 1494.

SPAIN.-Correspondence, relative to the Statue to
be erected in honour of George III, 122.

Decree of the Cortes, offering pardon to de
serters, 125

Decree of the Cortes, for erecting a Statue in
honour of George III, 190.

Proclamation of the Cortes, declaring that
they will not yield obedience to Ferdinand VII.
while he remains in captivity, nor will the Spa-
niards lay down their arms till the French eva-
cuate the kingdom, 413.

Proclamation from the Council of Regency,

on the anniversary of May the 2nd, 1599, 1623.

French account of the Siège and Surrender of

Tortosa, 249, 254.

State of the French Armies in Spain; and ac-
count of their proceedings, published at Paris,
Jan. 19, 1811.-254, 255, 313.

English account of the Battle of Barrosa, 761,

French accounts of the Battle of Barrosa, 922,
1087, 1111.

Various Letters, published at Cadiz, on the
dispute relative to the conduct of the Spaniards
in the Battle of Barrosa, 1021, 1046, 1164.

Letter from General Graham to Mr. Welles-
ley, impeaching the conduct of the Spanish Ge-
neral in the Battle of Barrosa, 1166.

Notes of the Moniteur, on the account of the
Battle of Barrosa, sent by Lord Liverpool to the
Lord Mayor of London, 1056, 1082.

French official intelligence from the Armies,
published at Paris, 31st of March, 1811.—889,

Dispatch from Charles Stuart, Esq. announc-
ing the Battle of Albuera, 1362.

News from the Armies in Spain, published at
Paris, May the 22nd, 1367.

Dispatches from Lord Wellington, enclosing
Marshal Beresford's report of the Battle of Al-
buera, 1425, 1470, 1496.

General Castanos's account of the Battle of Al-
buera, 1501.

latercepted French Letter from General Gazan
to Marshal Soult, 1500.

Dispatch from Lord Wellington, giving an ac-
count of the re-investment of Badajoz, and of a
skirmish at Usagre, 1533,

French official intelligence from the Armies in
Spain. Commencement of the Siege of Tarra-
gona, 1629.

SPANISH AMERICA.-Declaration of independence,
on the part of the inhabitants of West Florida,

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Statement of accounts in which Mr. S. Brookes
has been treasurer, 864.

Address to the People of Great Britain, from
the Friends of the People, 1388.

Copy of the Petition, praying a Reform in
Parliament, presented by Charles Grey, Esq. to
the House of Commons, on the 6th of May, 1795,
from the Friends of the People, 1393.

Debate in the House of the Commons, on the
second reading of Mr. Wynne's Election Bribery
Bill, 856.

Mr. Lemaitre's Petition to the House of Com-
mons, 143.

Report of proceedings, in the trial of an ac-
tion, brought by Mr. Lemaitre against Mr. Jacks,
for Defamation, 147.

Report of the proceedings, in the Court of
King's Bench, in the case of Mr. Finnerty, 282,

Debate, in the House of Commons, on pre-
senting the Petition of Mr. Finnerty, 1577.

Trial, in the Court of King's Bench, of the
Messrs. Hunts, for a Libel, relative to the flogging
of soldiers, 495.

Report of the trial of Mr. Drakard, at Lincoln,
for a Libel, relative to the flogging of soldiers,

Debate, in the House of Commons, 12th June,
1811, on a motion of Lord Folkestone, relative to
the Sentences upon Messrs. Drakard and Collyer,

Debate, in the House of Commons, upon a
motion of Mr. Wardle, relative to Corporal Cur-
tis, 530.

Debate, in the House of Commons, on the mo-
tion of Sir F. Burdett, for an address to the
Prince Regent, relative to the practice of flogging
soldiers, 1550.

Speeches of Lords Holland, Ellenborough,
Erskine, and Fidon, oa Lord Holland's motion
for an account of Informations Ex Officio, tiled
by the Attorney General, 593, (2).

Speech of Lord Folkestone, and answer of Sir
Vicary Gibbs, on Lord Folkestone's motion for
an account of Informations Ex Officio, filed by
the Attorney General, 805.

Debate, on Lord A. Hamilton's motion, rela-
tive to the state of the press in India, 780.

The Englishman's Right: a dialogue between
a Barrister at Law and a Juryman: on the an-
tiquity, use, office and privil ges of Juries. By
Sir John Hawles. 689, 719, 735.

Letter, addressed to Lord Holland, on the Li-
berty of the Press. From the Times Newspaper.

Trial of Mr. Roger O'Connor, for an assault,

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Light Gold against Heavy Gold.
Morning Chronicle, 983.

From the

Account of the proceedings of the Protestant
Dissenters, on the subject of Lord Sidmouth's
Bill, 1264, 1329, 1375, 1406.

Debate, on Lood Cochrane's motion for papers
relative to the conduct of Vice Admiralty Courts,

Resolutions of the West India merchants, on
the question of "Corn against Sugar," 784.

Resolutions and Petition of the Corn-growers
of the county of it, against the admission of
Sugar into the Distilleries, 912.

Protest of the Landholders of England, against
the Distillery Bill, 914

Speech of Mr. Perceval, on moving the
Thanks of the House to Marshal Beresford, and
the combined Army, for the Victory of Albuera,

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